Does anybody ever care in the "Big D"?

Today is easily the biggest day in TFC's short and miserable history. Look no further than this very site to confirm that. But with all of us so focused on the match that is to be played in Frisco, Texas tonight at 8pm (Gol TV), have we forgotten the other side? Does anybody in Dallas even know what the Concacaf Champions League is? And for that matter, do the Texans even care? Take a look a FC Dallas' homepage at the moment, and that may answer a couple of questions for you.  

We have the walk of fame 1st up, then some Vancouver highlights from Saturday night, oh and 3rd we have some morning clippings about Andrew Jacobson on the radio! And finally some more Vancouver recap. It's really disappointing because there are some people in Dallas who understand this game, and what it means.  But we all had the feeling that once FCD would clinch a playoff spot, that things would change. The only obvious sign by the team, signally a game tonight, is the little schedule bar to the right. Other than that, there are some CCL build up interviews by the website, and a CCL bar at the bottom of the page. 

This is only good news for TFC and their fans. We don't want Dallas to care, we don't want a challenge. We want this to be the easiest game ever, so we can all fast forward to a chilly February Quarter- Final match up at the Rogers Centre. We deserve this, don't we? We haven't ever had a legendary Cup run like the Impact, and our biggest game came against the subs of a D-2 team. 

Another thing that will bode well for TFC is the atmosphere, or lack thereof, that will be at "The Oven". FC Dallas can't pack the place during the biggest of MLS regular season games. So I'm expecting numbers that will make TFC feel good about the Tauro turn out. 

So with the fans out of the picture, that really leaves our boys with the game, and the heat to worry about. I chatted with Stuart Neely last week about the big game in Dallas, and he said the heat at Frisco, is absolutely killer. Now, I know we didn't need Stuart to help us realize that, we've heard it in every single TFC broadcast, as an excuse for a poor performance in Dallas. But Neely said that it can play a huge factor in the teams approach tactically, and it will also test TFC in the closing minutes of the game. 

So we may be in for a wild, wild finish tonight. 

All of us can sense what would be a fresh start for the team. If we win here tonight, we can erase the past five years( excluding Dichio's goals, Brennan's hair, and Laurent Robert's wonder goal against RSL). We can finally say to our friends, "Hey TFC is playing an important game again, want to tag along?" 

If we win tonight, we may just see that big ugly Man Crush for the Toronto Football Club return, and that is great news for everyone. 

Win or Loss, enjoy tonight guys, because frankly we don't get many chances like this. 



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