The Debate

So last night was everything we wanted it to be. We watched a grainy Gol TV feed from our laptops, we went out in masses to the pubs, or even some of us went to Frisco and gave Milos multiple high fives. No matter where or how we saw this game, it looked the same from every screen.

And let me tell you, it looked freaking beautiful. From the outset, TFC showed intention in their passes and looked to attack at every given chance. Our strikers made great runs, our defenders were rock solid and steady, our midfield were completing multiple passes (not just passes but intricate, sexy passes too), and Milos was Milos, collecting the trash and making a big one when he had to. 

Everything tells me that we shouldn't have gone into the Oven and come out with such a sexy looking pizza pie. But we did, Chef Aron Winter knows how to make a mean za, we just need to trust that the Dutchman knew what pizza was. So now we find ourselves looking at Champions League in March, and many supporters are torn on where we should play. 

Last night, I watched the game (as you know, because we've told you a zillion times) at the Duke of Gloucester on Yonge Street. I met some absolutely awesome guys, who have supported the team, thick and thin. To see them celebrating last night's win was incredible. The U-Sector deserved to have a perfect night for once. 

But it was after the hoop la, the table flipping, and play wrestling by the bathroom( I'm not kidding, these lads were so hyped, that they were compelled to express their joy through the majesty of play fight), that I heard an argument.

Should TFC be playing at the Rogers Centre for our big March match up, and grab Canada's attention, just like Montreal a couple years back? Or do we welcome our Southern visitors to a frozen hell, that would be BMO Field on an early March afternoon/ night?

Both sides have compelling arguments. One says that getting 40, 50, or even selling the Rogers Centre out would be a great Champions League experience, and more logical because of the dome. The other side says TFC will have an advantage to playing outside, and beside Champions League Football in March should get the truly Canadian flavor. 

As cool as it sounds for us to play outside, I'm going to have to side with the Rogers Centre. Just because we're comfortable with winter, and playing sports on ponds at ridiculously cold mornings, I doubt our Reds will be. I don't know about you, but Joao, Dicoy, Johnson, and many others would be just as stunned as our opposition. 

So you've heard my opinion, what's yours? Where would you like to see TFC play the Champions League Quarter Final in March?  




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