All I Want For Christmas Is...

Dear Santa,

This year I’ve been a fairly good boy, having traveled to Edmonton to see TFC in the Canadian Championship match there, and watching games whenever I can. I haven’t been able to spend many pennies going to more games than that, but hey, I’m still a student after all with bills to pay.

But with 2011 now water under the bridge, I do have a few things I’m hoping for in 2012 for TFC, that I hope you can deliver...

...A swift end to the Joao Plata and Richard Eckersley negotiations. These are the players I’m sure most of us will agree has had the most impact on the team besides Danny Koevermans and Torsten Frings – and the sooner that they can be liberated from LDU Quito and Burnley (who is reportedly not even interested in having the latter back), the better.

...A real, honest to goodness Centre-Back. Like the latest toy, we’ve been asking for this one every year for the last five years – and so far you haven’t delivered. Our backline has been renovated more times than a Church Street bar, it’s time we got some stability there. It could be a completely healthy Adrian Cann, but I’d rather see Cann be part of a stable backline complete with a new Phillip Lahm, perhaps? (I’m sure Torsten can help you on that...)

...Some stability in the lineup. I think this one is pretty self-explanatory. The year-in and year-our blowing up of the entire squad has become...frankly, tiresome. I think I don’t want any more of that.

...The end of DP status for Julian de Guzman. I think we can all agree that this was undeserved, and that his salary could be renegotiated. If he doesn't like it -- tough patooties. It's only recently he's started to play like he deserves it...and in my view it's a case of too little, too late. Oh with his DP status, I say, and not a moment too soon! There's too many others that the team can use that DP status on (Philipp Lahm...)

...Someone to make us say, "Dwayne de Rosario? Who dat?" I am sick and tired of the endless debate about this guy. I'm sure you're probably sick of people asking for him to come back, or to go away. I say we need someone to stand up in 2012, and once and for all wipe him from our collective memories. Could it be a new DP, or possibly Danny Koevermans? Please...bring us someone who can wipe his memory clean!

...Another shiny trophy. Three Voyageurs’ Cups are nice, but I think we are ready to graduate to a bigger model. The CONCACAF Champions’ League trophy would look real nice in the trophy cabinet, and would look really fantastic next to the Philip Anchultz trophy. Only one team in MLS has ever completed the double in the same year (DC United won the CONCACAF Champions Cup the year after they won the MLS Cup, so that doesn’t count...or does it?) so I'm sure we'd be tickled pink if we would be the first team to complete that double. (A Canadian triple!)

...More moments of pure pwnage. You know that game we had against FC Dallas? The one win that was so bad, that our friends at Big D Soccer named it the worst moment in their team’s season? It’s up there with the Miracle in Montreal, but with the way things are going...I would love to see more moments like these. And hey, if we just get one against those pompous wannabes up in Seattle Sounders next year (like shutting them out of the playoffs)...I’ll be pretty content!

I know it may be asking a lot (besides my other request for a...well, never mind), but for me and my friends it’s all I want this Christmas. So please, come Spring, we hope you can help deliver.



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