Krzysztof Krol set for MLS Return

Krzysztof Krol has suggested on twitter that Toronto better prepare for his arrival as he is apparently set for an MLS return. Better start learning how to say that first name

It seems to be a busy day for defenders to be linked to Toronto FC. This time it is former Chicago Fire defender
Krzysztof Krol. The reports this time come from twitter where Krol himself suggested that his return to the MLS was imminent.

I am coming back to MLS !!! guess which club now :P

Later on in the evening Krol went on to name names, specifically Toronto FC and suggest that the club is interested in his services. He did not go so far as to say that they are the club he would be playing for next season as he also mentioned that he would love to be back in Chicago.

TORONTO wants me , but I miss CHICAGO FIRE !!
If all that is not enough yesterday Krol tweeted out a warning to the city of Toronto that he is coming. If his twitter account is to believed then Krol seems in line to join Toronto in the coming days or week.

Krol's time in the MLS came in the form of a loan deal that saw him play for the Chicago Fire. He seemed to do well in his 17 appearances for the club but in the end he returned to Europe in the hopes that he could win a place in the Polish national team ahead of his home country hosting Euro 2012. After he left Chicago he signed a two year deal with Podbeskidzie Bielsko-Biała but having only made 12 appearances for the club and not catching on with the national team he seems set to return to North America.

Krol is a 24 year old defender who is primarily a left back and is more than capable of playing on the right side. He could join TFC as either a depth player to provide cover to the backline or as a cheaper alternative to trying to bring back Richard Eckersley. The last time Krol was in MLS his contract number was $100k which is a bit steep but if he is willing to come to TFC for a bit less then that would represent a better value for a club that has very little cap room to play with.

Krol was a member of the Polish U-20 squad for the U-20 World Cup when Canada played host and was one of the most impressive players on that squad. He is versatile and athletic which are traits that Aron Winter has shown he looks for in his players. He is also young and has kind of fallen off the radar of late which seems to be a familiar description for many of TFC's recent acquisitions.

On a personal note Krol is married to a playboy model, Patrycja Mikula and her work keeps her in North America so that is a very good reason for him to come back and play in the MLS. With a wife that good looking he would not want to leave her alone for long, plus the couple also has a young child. There are a lot of good reasons for Krol to come back to play in North American so the only real question is what club he will end up playing for. He strongly suggests it will be Toronto which seems to be a good fit.

When you consider that Toronto FC is currently linked with bringing back Joao Plata and now a pair of international defenders the question has to be asked of how the club plans on using the international slots that it does have with a number of them already on the books.
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