MLS salaries released.

Hey De Ro, maybe you should check out what everyone else is earning before asking for more yourself.

The MLS players union released the salary information for 2011 over the weekend, here's what all the Toronto FC players are earning.

I'm not going to get into all the salary cap implications as there are way too many rules and exceptions to follow and how teams get allocation money over and above the cap is impossible to figure out, so who really knows what it all means, not me that's for sure.  Given that we're also reportedly still paying for a chunk of Chad Barrett and Dwayne de Rosario's salary as well, it gets even more confusing.

Anyway , it's always fun to be able to look at the numbers, the first column is the base salary, the second is the guaranteed compensation.  What really jumps out is that MLS players, especially the younger guys, really don't get paid that much at all.

Overall, there's not as many salaries that seem to be way out of proportion to talent as there often was under Mo Johnston.  Another things that jumps out is the downside to bringing in players from Europe as there definitely seems to be an added premium which is apparent when you look at Bouchiba, Martina, Soolsma, and Stevanovic.  A lot of other teams are looking more to South and Central America to find better value, and that's one thing TFC management talked about at the townhalls they held last year, though it doesn't really seem to have taken effect yet.

The full list for TFC players is after the jump, who do you think is the best bargain, or the most overpaid?

Attakora-Gyan Nana D         $ 45,000.00    $ 45,000.00
Borman Danleigh M             $ 42,000.00    $ 42,000.00
Bouchiba Elbekay M            $ 92,004.00    $ 92,004.00
Cann Adrian D                      $ 123,996.00  $ 132,746.00
Cordon Oscar M                   $ 32,604.00     $ 32,604.00
de Guzman Julian M           $ 1,863,996.00 $ 1,910,746.00
Eckersley Richard D           $ 75,000.00      $ 90,000.00
Frei Stefan GK                      $ 100,000.00   $ 155,000.00
Gargan Daniel M                 $ 70,000.00       $ 70,000.00
Gold Matt M                           $ 42,000.00       $ 42,000.00
Gordon Alan F                      $ 96,504.00       $ 96,504.00
Harden Ty D                         $ 65,000.00       $ 73,666.67
Henry Doneil D                    $ 42,000.00       $ 43,000.00
Kocic Milos GK                    $ 42,000.00       $ 42,000.00
Lindsay Nicholas F             $ 42,000.00      $ 43,000.00
Makubuya Keith F               $ 32,604.00        $ 32,604.00
Martina Javier F                   $ 89,460.00       $ 96,140.75
Morgan Ashtone D              $ 32,604.00       $ 32,604.00
Omphroy Demitrius D         $ 42,000.00      $ 42,000.00
Peterson Jacob F               $ 142,500.00    $ 150,775.00
Plata Joao F                         $ 42,000.00      $ 42,000.00
Santos Maicon F                 $ 126,000.00    $ 126,000.00
Soolsma Nick M-F              $ 86,004.00       $ 86,004.00
Stevanovic Alen M              $ 240,000.00     $ 250,000.00
Stinson Matthew M               $ 32,604.00      $ 32,604.00
Sturgis Nathan D-M             $ 85,000.00       $ 89,250.00
Tchani Tony M                       $ 90,000.00       $ 194,000.00
Williams Dicoy D                 $ 50,004.00        $ 50,004.00
Yourassowsky Mikael D      $ 80,004.00       $ 81,670.67
Zavarise Gianluca M             $ 42,000.00       $ 46,517.75

Aside from all the young guys on entry level contracts, which still includes Nana Attakora, no wonder he's looking for a pay raise, most of the bargains are new players that have been brought in.  Dicoy Williams in particular stands out to me as good value.  I'd say Peterson and Stevanovic are the two people who haven't really earned their money so far.  De Guzman is obviously another but his salary cap hit as a designated player is reduced, so he's still good value.

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