2012 Olympics

Massey: "Women's Ballon D'Or is a Joke"


There's very little that Ben Massey and I see eye-to-eye on, but there are rare exceptions, and this piece he put together for Maple Leaf Forever is one of those. To sum up, Massey argues that by allowing voters who have less than a passing interest in women's football to vote for the best players of the world, it distorts what is reality. He's always been known for liberal use of statistics, and all of them lead to one conclusion: whoever was voting, did it all wrong. Read the story at the link above. As if FIFA doesn't grind enough people's gears already...

Christina Pedersen Gets an F(-Bomb)


For years, Canadian comedy troupe the Royal Canadian Air Farce have been firing chicken cannons and F-Bombing worthy targets for scorn on their annual New Years' Eve TV special. Past targets have included former President George W. Bush (chosen as top target many times during his Presidency), and NHL commissioner Gary Bettman. This year, as chosen by their viewers, they've included a special target -- skip ahead to about 41 minutes in, and you will see. She didn't quite beat out a haggle of corrupt mayors, but it's damn close. Our national healing is officially complete -- thank you, Air Farce! (N.B. -- The video is Canada only...oops!)

An Open Letter To Sepp Blatter

Waking The Red's westerner asks Sepp Blatter why Christine Sinclair's comments against the officiating is so offensive to FIFA award voters.

Sinclair: Nominations Sign of Progress

Christine Sinclair and John Herdman have been named as two of the world's best by FIFA, an honour that Sinclair attributes to progress for the Canadian side.

Canadians React to Sinclair Fine with Money

Some people are actually willing to donate their own money to help Canadian women's soccer team captain Christine Sinclair pay her $3700 FIFA fine.

Christine Sinclair punished by FIFA

Canadian women's team captain Christine Sinclair is fined and suspended by FIFA for her comments. All of Canada calls bullshit.

An Open Letter to Canada (and Beyond)


Waking the Red wraps up its Olympic women's football coverage with an open appeal to Canadians to never forget what the women's team did, and to make sure they stay one of the world's best.

Canada Wins Bronze now let's Celebrate!


Canada captures a bronze in women's soccer at the Olympics with a 1-0 win over France but now they have lots of work to do to prepare for hosting the World Cup in 2015

Storify'd: Canada wins Bronze!


All of the best of Twitter from this morning's Canada-France Olympic women's soccer bronze medal final, Storify'd for your reading pleasure by Waking the Red!

Canada 1-0 France: Heartbreaker (or: We Got The Bronze!)


Canada breaks French hearts everywhere with a stoppage goal, proving that justice is indeed for all. (Maybe not for France, though...) Waking the Red recaps the breathless bronze medal final.

Canada wins Bronze!


Canada wins Bronze. Initial reaction thread.

Canada vs. France: WTR Live, Olympic Bronze Edition


This is it! Waking the Red's last Live commentary for the 20102 Olympic women's footy tournament. Stuck at work? Can't watch? Follow along here!

Better Know Your Olympic Enemies, Final Part: France


It's the last game of the Olympic women's soccer tournament, and Waking the Red better knows the Bronze Medal game opponent -- France.

A Very Bronze WTR Live!


Stuck at work tomorrow? Can't be bothered to get up early? Or some other excuse? Follow Waking the Red's Live text commentary tomorrow morning -- here's how!

Storify'd: Canada vs. USA, the Reactions


Classy Americans, anger...the Twitterverse was absolutely abuzz in the aftermath of the Canada-USA Olympic semi-final. Lots of anger towards the Norwegian referee, naming Christine Sinclair a...

Canada 3:4 USA. What. A. Game


Canada gave it their best against the US, and came very close to an upset, but a ref assisted US side were just too strong.

Canada vs. USA: Olympic Game Thread


Canada has a chance to make it to a gold medal final AND knock out the USA. Can they do it? Follow Waking the Red's game thread to find out!

Canada vs. USA: Carry On, Nothing Equals The Splendour


Canada has a chance to finally find its own wings and fly, on the turf of Manchester, England. Can they do it? Waking the Red tees up Canada vs. USA.

Better Know Your Olympic Enemies, Part 5: USA


It's Canada vs. the USA again, and Canada REALLY needs to OWN the US to win. It's not impossible, according to Waking the Red's Better Know Your Olympic Enemy report!

Canada 2:0 Great Britain. Canada gets a semi.


Report on Canada's quarter final win over Great Britain in Women's Olympic soccer.

Canada vs. Great Britain: Olympic Game Thread


There's a fire starting in the hearts of Canada, can they lay Team GB's ship bare and move on to the Olympic women's football semis? Waking the Red's live game thread is here.

Canada vs. Great Britain: Elimination Is Not Elimi-fun


It's a winnable game for the Canadians, will they take it? Waking the Red previews the Canada-Great Britain quarterfinal.

Better Know Your Olympic Enemies, Part 4: Great Britain


Can Canada send Team GB into turmoil, and out of the 2012 Olympic women's football tournament? Waking the Red better knows the Great British team.

Are you smarter than Carolina Morace? Round 4


Score prediction contest for Canada's women's olympic team.

Canada 2-2 Sweden: Dream Ourselves a Dream Come True


Will the real Canada please stand up? Please stand up? Oh they did? Cool beans. Waking the Red recaps Canada's 2-2 draw with Sweden at the 2012 Olympic women's football tournament.

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