Santos Laguna 6-2 TFC (agg 7-3): A Song of Recap

Hear ye, O green raiders of the sacred lagoon The Reds shall be back someday To reclaim the pennant of glory you took As we ride on our road to legend. (Photo by Hans Maximo Musielik/Getty Images)

...and now, we conclude our lament, with what I believe is SBNation's first ever post game recap in poetry form (and no, it's not because I can't write prose...whoever said that? I heard that...)

The brave Reds at last sailed into the sacred lagoon,
But where a dreadful sight, the ones that had been foretold.
By the men who had gambled and lost,
But survived, so that their stories could be told.

They had been written off by the naysayers,
As the ship sailed past the wrecks
Of the banners of the Rapids, the Sounders and the Impact.
But nary a man shivered, as they stood on the decks.

But then the raiders approached, and a piercing shriek,
Began the battle anew but with scars from the lakeshore,
A memento of the tussle, just a week before.
For one, a man named Darwin Quintero was no where in sight.

But there was Baloy, and the leviathan that was Gomez,
They stood afore the brave, cackling with wicked glee.
But it was Joao, who slashed twice -- at the fifteen and the fourty-three.
The heroes cheered, for victory they could smell.

But then the leviathan struck back, at thirty one and two past forty five,
To even the score, and at the mid
The battle was even, and the stories foretold
Of a major collapse, that could occur.

And alas it did, two strikes from twelve paces
One off the strike given by Harden,
Another off the hands of Aceval.
They both struck a decisive blow.

Then it was Peralta to land the coup-de-grace
And like an ice cream sundae, Luduena with the garish,
On top of the Green raiders' victory, a layer of varnish
As they tore off the pennant of glory from the Red mast.

But the good Red ship sails on, although bloodied and battered
Now they chart a new course, to the Colosseum of Olympus
Near the regal mountain, in the province of Quebec
Where they seek a new path back to glory.

And so my children, our tale has concluded
Now wasn't that just exciting?
Okay maybe the pain is a little bit stingy.
But glory shall come around soon, around the corner, awaiting.

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