Canada vs. Great Britain: Olympic Game Thread

These are the people standing in the way of a medal, and they've got home court advantage. CREDIT: Julian Finney/Getty Images
FIFA Ranking: 7th
FIFA Ranking: 9th (ENG)
Top Scorer: Sinclair (139)

Top Scorer: Williams (36)
2012 Olympics Women's Football Quarterfinal
City of Coventry Stadium, Coventry, England
7:30 PM GMT (2:30 PM EDT)
TV: Sportsnet (English), V (French), MSNBC (USA)
Referee: Sachiko Yamagishi (Japan)
Forecast: Partly Cloudy, 19°C, Wind SSW 14 km/hr

Last Meeting: First (and probably Last)

There's a fire starting in my heart,
Reaching a fever pitch, it's bringing me out the dark.
Finally I can see you crystal clear,
Go 'head and sell me out and I'll lay your s*it bare.
See how I leave with every piece of you,
Don't underestimate the things that I will do.

- "Rolling In The Deep", Adele

Truer words could not have been sung by Adele for this occasion -- tonight, a fire must start within the Canadian ranks, as they continue their quest to redeem their horrific World Cup campaign from just a year ago. And tonight, it is the host Brits that are standing in the way between them and a slot in the semi-finals and beyond.

Having come back from 2-0 down against the fourth-ranked Swedes despite dominating the early play (and for most of the match, for that matter) -- we have witnessed the return of a team that is playing to what they are capable of: a veteran team, that has for so long wanted something bigger. Now, they have a chance to rob a country who boasts footy as its national sport, of a chance at a medal.

British media have already counted them out, and Candace Chapman is probbaly also ruled out as well. But Lauren Sesselman have taken to her new role at centre back quite marvelously. Against a team that has yet to see a forward score, her task could be even greater today. To counter, the likes of Diana Matheson, Melissa Tancredi and Christin Sinclair are ready to fight up front. If the British wanted a battle on the turf of Coventry, then they've got one on their hands.

For your pre-match reading pleasure, do check out our tee-up to today's match, along with a small dossier of intel on the British team (which is really the English team with a tinge of Scottish blue). Plus, you may want to get in your picks to win a Christine Sinclair jersey in our "Are You Smarter than Carolina Morace?" prediction game.

So join us here pre- and post-match and all the times in between for chat and updates. It's time for Canada to shine at last!

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