Ode to the Red - Down but not quite dead

Thinking back through the last six years
How swiftly they’ve passed by
I close my eyes and bite my lip
Trying so hard not to cry

I remember all those players in red
Yes, there were so many
Passing through TFC’s front door
We barely have kept any

Yet some of them were pretty good
While others were rather stinky
But it made little difference at trading time
To Mo and Aron and Preki

It really is a shame you say
The fans were so supportive
How could things have fallen so far
And become so terribly abortive

Well Mo is gone
and so are Aron and Preki
Each was greeted with high hopes
But the results were less than pretty

Now they’re led by a man I’ll call
The Ancient Mariner
With glittering eye he jumps and shouts
But winning has been deferred

Till when you ask, how long must I wait
Will the playoffs ever be in sight
For this I have no answer
Cause the mix still isn’t right

Part II

Let us turn for a bit
To the family of the Reds
To the man who called the shots
And left us as the dregs

His name is Tom and he’s the one
Who commanded this ship of fools
But maybe he’s not foolish after all
We just don’t understand the rules

It’s all about making money
And at that he is quite good
It’s not about winning on the field
But he’d have done that if he could

So is there anything to learn from this
To leave us with faint comfort
Is there hope for the Reds or is hope quite dead
No optimist among us

It’s hard to see how things will change
Unless they get quite lucky
There is no core, mistakes galore
And it’s still about the money

But maybe if the stands were still
With no fans to be seen
Tom would get the message
And it won’t be what it’s been

What if winning became important
Because the money had stopped flowing
Would TFC still be like the Leafs
At forty-five years and counting

Would MLSE know how to do it
If it really really mattered
What would they do different
So that hope would not be shattered

So this is the end of my little ode
but the saga will go on
I’m sorry to say that it’s hard to pin your hopes
On President Tom

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