Toronto FC 2013 Top 36 countdown: Number 36 - Ashton Bennett

There's a picture. That proves he played. -

A supplemental draft pick who, probably in a sign of just how desperate TFC were for warm bodies, actually made the team to start the season. Barely played, then dropped, at number 36 it's Ashton Bennett

Average Rank: 34.78
Highest Rank: 27
Lowest Rank: 36

Welcome to the first article in 2013's TFC top 36 countdown. Toronto FC used 36 players in actual competitive games in 2013, so what better way to rank them than with a good old fashioned countdown. The question was simple, who had the most positive impact on TFC's season? The votes are in (to all who voted and especially those who commented, a big thank you) and for the next 36 days, every morning at 8:30am (ish, that's the goal anyway), we'll be revealing the rankings of TFC's 2013 squad, from worst to best, from Ashton Bennett to, well you'll see.

We'll profile each player as we go, with thoughts from WTR writers and those of our esteemed voters who commented, feel free to add your own thoughts, memories, critiques etc in the comment section. As always it'll be a bit of a struggle for the first week or so as we get through those who barely played, but it'll soon pick up, so come back every day to see how it unfolds. For now, in with a bullet at number 36, it's Ashton Bennett, and hey, look, I'm already 200 words in, that's convenient.

Duncan: 34 Ah Ashton Bennett we hardly knew you. It was a bit of a surprise when he fell to TFC's 20th position in the supplemental draft as plenty of experts had him going higher than that, though his international status probably scared many American teams off the Jamaican-Canadian forward. Most supplementla draftees of course don't make it all that far into training camp never mind get signed, but as always TFC really didn't have all that many options, and they did have a lot of spots to fill, so he got a chance.

Pre season was a mixed bag, a game against Philadelphia drew the following comment in our match report: "While often in the right place at the right time, time and again Bennett bobbled the ball, showed a shocking lack of control and seemed confused when he found the ball at his feet." But after that, he scored twice in a 3-3 draw against SKC, getting himself an interview on TFC's website.

Still a bit of a surprise though that he eventually did get signed up, announced at the same time as Taylor Morgan and some kid called Jonathan Osorio.

He didn't make the team apart from one game, brought into the Voyageurs Cup 2nd leg game after Montreal had scored their 4th, here's a sampling of comments on the game thread for that game;

Ashton Bennett on for Osorio? Well all right then.

That’s RN throwing in the white towel!

osorio had been playing well. bennet not going to do much I’ll confidently predict.

ashton bennett on now for osorio. that’ll make a difference.

We weren't wrong. And that was that for Ashton Bennett with the first team, released on May 14th at the same time as Taylor Morgan, both of them getting a big 2 sentences in their TFC obit. Looking him up to try and find out what he's doing now (didn't find anything), I notice in his soccerway profile that he also played 34 minutes and scored a goal in a reserve game against FC Dallas on April 6th. So that's nice. Anyway, 16 minutes at the end of a shitshow, 36th sounds about right for that.

Dave: 35. People were surprised that he fell so far in the draft and wound up coming to Toronto with a Supplemental pick. Then we actually saw him on the field in preseason and he it was clear why he slipped down the board. Being able to run fast is nice but probably good to be able to do a few other things one the field as well.

Armen: 35. My one lasting memory of Bennett was having to explain to a friend that we did not sign Drogba. Wasn't that obvious?

James: 36. another draft kid who was never likely to stay long, something should be done to at least give these players a fair chance

Kristin: 36. The dreaded wonder - one of the usual spare parts that gets cast away every season.  Seemed nice enough - and he and Taylor Morgan seemed delighted that I knew who they were at the Kit Launch Party back in February so there's that.

Bruce Harding. 1 game. Never seen again.

Ferantez. Who?

Ignirtoq: #who #noSeriouslyWho

Izaac: Who?

JD: Who?

Mark_HSV: Did this guy even play?

Michaelvee: I was a fan of keeping Bennett. I though that he could add some speed and incisiveness to the TFC attack late in games. He was cut to make room for someone who never arrived, which is a bit of a theme here. Wonder where he's ended up.

Prizby: Saw his only action in the dreadful 6-0 loss to they who shall remain unnamed; he didn't exactly light it up in his 16 minutes to shine with TFC conceding two goals in stoppage time

Robert Snider: revolving door spat him back out - who was that?

Schtevetown: Bennett: Oh yeah, that guy.

The Yorkies: Briefly looked intimidating. Was not.

Tim: Who?

Tyler: He hardly saw the field, and I didn't like anything I saw from him when he did. Last place.

Yohan: Didn't see enough of him to rate him.

Number 35: Taylor Morgan

Full Top 36 Countdown

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