Toronto FC 2013 Top 36 Countdown: Number 32 - Jonas Elmer

Not the most flattering photo, but hey, one exists, that's something. - Martin Bazyl Photography

A relatively expensive summer transfer window signing, an international no less, who somehow never broke into the first team, at number 32 it's Jonas Elmer

Average Rank: 31.44
Highest Rank: 25
Lowest rank: 36

Duncan: 35 Finally the summer transfer window arrived. We'd been told for so long that there were going to be some great signing, TFC would become frightening, Cap space had been brutally carved open, Luis Silva had been let go as no way he'd be able to compete with these guys. Is Forlan here yet? Is Urruti here yet? And we waited, and we got Mark Bloom, and we waited and we got Alvaro Rey. And we waited and we got Jonas Elmer. Yay.

That's facetious of course, at the time it certainly seemed like TFC needed an upgrade at left back, and any depth is a good thing, but it didn't really get the blood racing did it? Elmer himself certainly didn't seem excited as he held up the shirt at Downsview. A quick trip to wikipedia showed Chelsea in his background (ooh, aah) but most recently the Swiss second division (ah, never mind then.) and this was worth an international spot? At least he chose a proper left back number, 3.

Up until then of course it seemed that Ryan Nelsen really wasn't all that keen on Ashtone Morgan, he'd played Eckersley, Emory, O'Dea ahead of Morgan in the left back spot, so surely Elmer would get some games to prove he belonged. Kevin Payne was certainly confident "We believe Jonas will be an important part of our club" ('We'. Aw, isn't that cute, he thought he was still part of the 'we'?). But a funny thing happened as Elmer worked his way towards fitness, Morgan started having some decent games, and all of a sudden it was Elmer that Nelsen had no interest in playing.

He got into the game against Roma and certainly didn't look terrible, but still didn't get into the first team until Morgan went off to play for Canada, playing his one and only game against Portland. That game finished 4-0 which doesn't sound great, but there were plenty of others that made mistakes ahead of him, Elmer was pretty un-noteworthy, and that was it. Morgan went straight back in the team and stayed there, Elmer apparently worked as motivation.

That suggests that he was very much a Kevin Payne signing, that Nelsen wasn't all that keen on, another example of the different philosophies that apparently existed. Given the international spot, and the $131.488.20 salary, I really can't see his contract being renewed whenever Little Tim gets around to deciding these things. So much potential punning wasted.

Dave: 30. Big money for an outside defender, international roster slot, and one of Payne's final moves before being sacked. He did not show a lot when he played and would be surprising if he comes back for next season.

Armen: 32. Elmer came in and lit a fire under Ashtone Morgan. It worked. Now, he's no more valuable than Logan Emory.

James: 27. Not sure why it was necessary to import a rather pricey player to sit on the sidelines, hard to evaluate on so few minutes - never hurts to have quality on the bench, but at what price?

Kristin: 33. Elmer Dudd, The Safety Elephant (elephant in the room?), the many unused puns. Perhaps one of the most expensive motivational tool ever - it seemed mere seconds (OK, one game) after Elmer was signed that Ashtone Morgan upped his game and solidified his spot at LB. Of course Elmer apparently had some sort of niggling injury that prevented him from playing right away but either way - thanks for hanging out and have a good trip back.

Angus Chung: Another one of "Payne's men". He seems to be actually a fairly decent left back with good pace and decent on-the-ball skills in what he has shown in his couple appearances. Probably could be a viable starter in the MLS, though the 100K+ salary does make him pretty unappealing. I would not mind him sticking around provided he takes a pay cut; provides good cover for Morgan and is probably a bit more defensively sound too. I am okay with taking the more defensively sound guy over the all out athlete in Morgan.

Henry for PM: why bring someone here to never play? (another payne signing I bet)

Ignirtoq #BackToTheSwissThirdDivision

JD: Too little playing time to really tell what we've got in Elmer. For his salary, he is too expensive to be a bench player, so I'm hoping someone has a plan on how to sort out the LB situation.

Jon Spratt: What a worthwhile signing.

Killinghurst: One of the worst signings in team history. At least Mista played…and scored against Cruz Azul.

Michaelvee: Elmer was, all in all, not really anything we needed. True, he is our only other Left Back, but he's not very good at it and a suitable replacement should be picked up in the Superdraft or Supplemental draft. Didn't impress, didn't really play much.

Prizby: Got a text from a friend the day we signed him..."I played against this guy when i was like 10 in Switzerland"...true story apparently; not sure what Chelsea saw in him to bring him into their academy; I haven't exactly seen much, not sure he's worth the $130k + international roster slot and wonder if he'll be back next year

Shel soccer Don: He couldn’t out play Morgan. Is that because Morgan stepped up or he is a bust? Never saw him enough to decide.

The Yorkies: An Olivier Tebilyesque signing. Elmer Dudd.

Tim: lot of money paid just to get someone else to play better

Yohan: Mainly used as motivational tool for Ashtone Morgan. Can't see a future for him on a starter wage and an int spot and haven't shown much to warrant a place with TFC.

Number 31: Logan Emory

Number 33: Emery Welshman

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