Toronto FC send Hassli to FC Dallas for 2nd Round Pick

Au Revior Eric - Abelimages

Toronto FC has confirmed that the want-away French forward has been given his wish and has been dealt to FC Dallas in exchange for a conditional second round draft pick in 2014.

We all knew that it was coming and that a deal between Toronto FC and FC Dallas was on the horizon that would see Eric Hassli heading down to Frisco. The deal is now complete and we know that Toronto FC will be getting a conditional second round pick in the 2014 SuperDraft in exchange for the designated player.

For the second time in less than a year FC Dallas will be taking on a DP that was no longer wanted in Toronto; having proved to be a willing trading partner when TFC was looking to dump Julian De Guzman last summer. The return on the deal will be viewed similarly to the JDG deal in that opening up the DP slot and room to spend money on other players is more important than the actual asset that the club received in the deal.

Getting rid of Hassli - who clearly did not want to be in Toronto after the coaching changes - is a good move for the club since it opens up a fair chunk of change that will be needed if the club is going to improve the squad as a whole. He is a talented forward but probably not one that was worth the DP cap hit on a club that is already stretching its budget too thin; with the likes of Torsten Frings, Danny Koevermans, Darren O'Dea, and Richard Eckersley eating up far too much of the budget.

So Hassli is gone and the return is a second round pick which means that the club will now have to work fast to fill some major voids in the squad before the start of the season. The big concern is that the club is lacking in depth and proven quality at forward now with Justin Braun, Emery Welshman, and Ashton Bennett being the only options that are currently involved in preseason training down in Florida. There is certainly a void that needs to be filled at least until Danny Koevermans is back from his knee injury which might not be until the middle of the season.

The brief release from Toronto FC regarding the deal covers the most important aspects of things which are that the club were that the club is "creating salary cap room and a designated player spot." The same release also went further into the trade request that led to this deal taking place. "Eric requested a move for family related reasons and we committed to him we would make every effort to do so, providing the deal was favourable for the team."

It does not really matter why Hassli requested the trade in the first place because if he was not committed to being in Toronto the club had little option but to deal him. They managed to get something in return for the player rather than just casting him aside while also creating that much needed space to sign other players.

The conditional pick that is coming back to Toronto will be based on how the player performs in Dallas with the club potentially getting something better than a second round selection should the Frenchman find a way to light it up in Dallas.

In the end, it looks like a decent piece of business considering the team basically had their hands tied by the fact that the forward wanted out.

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