Toronto FC Prepares for Dallas Cup

Dallas Cup!

With the Dallas Cup kicking off in just over a week we now know Toronto FC Academy's schedule and the names included on the provisional roster

The Dallas Cup is just over a week from kicking off and details of how the event will look for Toronto FC have started to come out. The team's schedule is finalized and the provisional roster of 19 players has been named.

The provisional roster only comes with one surprise which is the inclusion of home grown goalkeeper Quillan Roberts. Having signed with the first team during the injury crisis of 2012 Roberts has been lacking in playing time so sending him to Dallas with the academy makes sense as it will allow the teenaged shot stopper to get some playing time against a fairly high level of competition.

Toronto's roster has plenty of talent on it but they will be up against some stiff opposition with group stage games against Aalborg, Tigres, and Fluminense and should they get past that stage things would only get harder with the likes of Manchester United, Fulham, and Eintracht Frankfurt potentially waiting in the semifinals.

TFC's schedule for the event is as follows (all times Dallas local):

March 24 - 11:30 AM - AALBORG BK (DEN) - TORONTO FC ACADEMY (CND) - University of Texas at Dallas #01

March 25 - 2:00 PM - TIGRES (MEX) - TORONTO FC ACADEMY (CND) - Richland College #10

March 27 - 4:00 PM - TORONTO FC ACADEMY (CND) - FLUMINENSE FC (BRA) - University of Texas at Dallas #01

The semifinals are scheduled for March 29 and the finals follow on the 31st with both taking place in the Cotton Bowl should TFC find a way to make it that far in the event.

TFC's provisional roster as listed in the media guide (numbers copied from there so excuse to missing numbers and duplicates) is as follows:

Toronto FC Academy

Gordon Jago Super Group
Coach: Danny Dichio
Toronto, Canada

1 Quillan Roberts
2 Alain Sargeant
3 Adam Polakewicz
4 Michael Wagenknecht
5 Nikola Paunic
6 Eli Roubos
7 Omari Morris
8 Manuel Aparicio
9 Jordan Hamilton
10 Sergio Camargo
11 Mark-Anthony Kaye
14 Duran Lee
15 Dylan Sacramento
16 Mark Wadid
17 Daniel Jodah
18 Alex Pothemont
20 Mathew Stowell
20 Chris Mannella
21 Jevon Gayle

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