Canada v USA tickets, and Voyageur membership info.

3 goals. You can do that again right? - Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE

It's still over a couple of months away, but tickets went on sale this week for Canada's eagerly awaited game against the big bad USA at BMO Field on June 2nd. Billed as 'The Rematch' it is of course a rematch of that Olympics semi final, Sinclair hattrick, Tancredi 'stomp' ,6 seconds, the Norwegian ref, injury time of extra time heartbreak, you know the story.

It was quite simply one of the best games of football I've seen anywhere, and this is the first time the two teams will have played since. Though it's very very doubtful this friendly match will get anywhere near those heights, it's also the first game Big Red has played on Canadian shores since that game, so here's the first chance to show your appreciation by supporting them at an actual game. It's also the unofficial kick off to the road to the 2015 World Cup, with hopefully plenty of games throughout the country between now and then.

Tickets officially go on sale on Friday, and you can get all the details on pricing and such like here. Once again, similar to how they priced the CANMNT World Cup qualifiers, there's some sweet deals to be had, especially on the East side of the stadium, where the most expensive ticket will set you back a mere $35.

Before then though, there is the usual discounted pre-sale going on, click here to access the tickets first and for 10% off, using the password Canada.

The other option of course is to get tickets in the south stand through the Voyageurs, info on which can be found here. Anyone can get tickets to be in sections 115 and further West, which will be considered supporters sections, with standing allowed and all that, but where it's a little less of a chaotic free for all. Those are $20 each and can be purchased here.

If a rowdy free for all (more or less) is what you're looking for then you'll be looking for tickets in sections 112-114, but to get those you ( or at least the person buying the tickets) has to be a member of the Voyageurs.

A member? That sounds remarkably formal, what's up with that? Well there's a lot more to keeping the Voyageurs going than making some banners, turning up on game day to cheer the team on and presenting the Voyageurs Cup to TFC every year, and all that 'a lot more' has grown massively in the last few years as the profile of the sport has increased.

With the U20 Women's World Cup, the Women's World Cup and the Pan Am games all coming up soon, which will lead nicely into the next cycle of qualifying for the Men's World Cup, that's only going to get even bigger. It's all about what they call Mission 2015, to build the largest supporters section in Canadian history at kick off of the Women's World Cup. To properly handle the logistics of that, and take advantage of the opportunity it presents, things will be getting more organised and part of that is paid membership, at $30 for the year, or more if you're so inclined.

What will that be going towards? Click here for that info.

What do you get for your money, aside from a heart that glows just that little bit brighter from knowing you helped out? Can you say 'certificate of personal awesomeness?' Yeah, click here for info on that and much more.

I don't really use their forum and I don't really get that involved in what they do but I have a hell of a lot of respect for those that do put in the time and money to make this work, so I bought myself a membership, I'd strongly advise you to do the same.

As for the game, of course you're getting tickets, surely I don't have to talk you into that one.

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