Are you smarter than Aron Winter? Round 2

Ah welcome back my favourite 'confused Winter' photo. Sigi, so ominous looking in the background. - Otto Greule Jr

Predict the TFC-SKC score and win, win win!

Well, thanks to everyone who participated in record numbers last week, hopefully you'll keep going. Plenty of easy points to be had last week as almost everyone went with the defeat, will home advantage provoke some optimism? Can TFC get a result against an SKC side that was good last year, and has already got off to a good start this year with a 3-1 win in their first game? Who knows?

You do of course, so make your prediction in the comments section below, or by tweeting me @wakingthered and I'll keep track of those ones. 2 points for the correct result, 1 point for correct amount of TFC goals and 1 point for correct amount of SKC goals.

To clarify the rules, those points get added up as the season goes along, and to stop it being one interminable contest, I'll be splitting it up into 2 halves, apertura and clausura style. As for prizes. well in the tradition of this, there'll be some crap prizes, a couple of mementos of winter's time here. my press box copy of the team sheet from that 6-2 Philadelphia game, as well as a scarf commemorating last year's Montreal v TFC game, (the one that thousands went to and we lost) that I somehow got talked into buying on the metro going to the game. those will combine for the ‘crappy' prize, and hopefully to be confirmed in the next week or two, I'll have news of another prize that might actually be worth competing for. Stay tuned for that, apertura winner gets their choice of actual prize or gimmick prize.

Thanks for playing, here are your current standings, and while I'm here talking about contests, don't forget to change your fantasy team around. Plenty of good teams not playing this week, so don't get caught out with only half a team out there. Might be an idea to load up on Kansas City defenders. Over 60 of you so far in the WTR league, still time to add your team to it if you want, use code 6501-1380.

DKolish3 4
stoppage_time 4
Duane Rollins 3
Grayson Th. D. 3
Alex (Sulfur) 3
The Yorkies 3
Guillame Tremblay 3
nsmith02 3
izaac.kamrad 3
Bruce Harding 3
Lars Lowther 3
GreenApes 3
B_Like_Fonz 3
wilcov 3
Duncan Fletcher 3
C to the D 3
Varry Galk 3
Prizby 3
Boba_fett11 2
Dave Rowaan 2
ColMustard 2
Footy Wolverine Go Blue 2
N3WT 2
Ghost of TFC Future 2
James M Casey 2
Michelle 2
Randy Narine 2
Wheatsheaf 2
Red Wine Roz 2
Sairax 2
sweep6 2
blindfolded tank driver 2
Armen Bedakian 2
Wright Anomaly 2
SaskTFCFan 2
Steph Gunter 2
Berktopia 2
pkelamis 2
Kristin Knowles 2
j_real 2
dcherk 1
kilowatt44 1
Allan Thornton 1
cwell 1
c.beaulieu 1
the sporting pacifist 1
mathphys 1
AMS1984 1
Angus Chung 1
PSoNumber9 1
mikep2 1
shortofbrilliant 1
Toronto Tony 1

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