Are you smarter than Aron Winter? Round 12

Tom Szczerbowski

Predict the tfc san jose score and win, win, win!

Almost forgot about this, but here it is, a little late. Toronto v San Jose, we've had plenty of success in San Jose over the years, Chad Barrett playing a big part in that, but that was back when San Jose weren't that good. Now, though they're struggling a bit this year, they're the reigning supporters shield champs, can TFC get a result of any kind. Can TFC possibly in any way not let a goal in in the last few minutes against the goonies, it's their speciality, even against competent teams. Who knows?

Why, you do of course, so predict the scoreline in the commenst section or @wakingthered on twitter. 2 points for correct result, 1 for correct amount of TFC goals,1 for correct amount of San Jose goals. Current standings below, thanks for playing.

Guillame Tremblay 29
Prizby 24
stoppage_time 23
Varry Galk 22
Duncan Fletcher 22
Ghost of TFC Future 19
Steph Gunther 18
lesean25 18
Michelle 18
James M Casey 17
c.beaulieu 17
DKolish3 17
pkelamis 17
Bruce Harding 17
Randy Narine 16
Sairax 16
B_Like_Fonz 16
john leung 16
The Yorkies 16
sulfur_chesh 16
PSoNumber9 16
james grossi 15
Kristin Knowles 15
Allan Thornton 15
dcherk 15
susanjm 15
Footy Wolverine Go Blue 15
sweep6 15
hansdampf 14
SaskTFCFan 14
Red Wine Roz 14
C to the D 14
rthos 13
N3WT 13
wilcov 13
Wright Anomaly 13
dave saad 12
the sporting pacifist 12
AMS1984 12
nsmith02 11
mathphys 11
izaac.kamrad 11
notmirokliment 10
ColMustard 10
walms 10
Berktopia 10
Angus Chung 10
bg77 10
Toronto Tony 9
barticusz 8
sn0wmanCA 8
cwell 8
Mr Tuktoyaktuk 7
Dave Rowaan 7
Lars Lowther 6
blindfolded tank driver 5
j_real 5
Duane Rollins 5
Boba_fett11 5
Grayson Th. D. 4
TFCLeafnation 4
GreenApes 3
skinn 3
Armen Bedakian 3
alonsopena 3
mikep2 3
tobias vaughan 3
craig moretto 2
brian coulter 2
Wheatsheaf 2
darth pingu 2
shortofbrilliant 2
jc_plante 2
henryforpm 2
enrico s 2
kilowatt44 1
mike mcguire 1
hitchorado 1
prof frink 1
dannymac83 1
ian clarke 1
nelsen's sweater vest 1

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