Maximiliano Urruti Update: Newell's Old Boys say an agreement has been reached.

There are apparently 2 Maximilianos in that truck. The Dakar rally is probably a less arduous process than this transfer has been. - Shaun Botterill

Well, he's in the country and apparently Newell's are finally ready to sign off on it.

Well, we're definitely a few thousand miles closer to a deal in the Urruti saga. Yes, after various South American reports, some mysteriously deleted tweets and Kurt Larson discovering that Urruti had a room booked for him at a Toronto hotel, Toronto FC finally confirmed what we all knew. Which is something, but could still end up being nothing.  Here's the statement they put out on their website:

"We have been involved in a lengthy process for Maximiliano Urruti to join Toronto FC and Major League Soccer, and we hope that it will conclude by the end of the week. In the meantime, Maxi is in Toronto and he will train with the team. The club will provide no further comment at this time."

So, they've managed to get him out of the country, that's a start I guess, though hope is never a good word in this situation. The real news came later though, we all knew TFC wanted him and Urruti was ready to come here, it was NOB's interpretation of his contract status that was providing the hold up.

Well, they've now put something up on their website:

Newell's Old Boys arribó a un acuerdo verbal con la Major League Soccer, que resguarda el patrimonio de la institución. En los próximos días se informarán los detalles.

El Club Atlético Newell's Old Boys informa las últimas novedades respecto de la situación de Maximiliano Urruti. Si bien aún resta la suscripción de la documentación correspondiente, como también la aprobación judicial de la operación, Newell's Old Boys arribó a un acuerdo verbal con la Major League Soccer por el cual esta Asociación reconoce los derechos que posee Newell's y por tanto lo compensará económicamente a los efectos que el Jugador pueda fichar en un club de dicha Liga.

Los términos económicos serán dados a conocer una vez que el acuerdo sea aprobado judicialmente. Además del depósito de una suma acorde a la cotización del jugador, se acordó la realización de una gira de pretemporada en los EEUU.

En los próximos días se definirá la situación y se informarán los detalles del convenio.

The first sentence is the important one, saying they've come to a verbal agreement with Major League Soccer which protects their assets. It goes on to say that though nothing is signed yet, they have a verbal agreement, within which MLS acknowledges the rights that Newell's have and will economically compensate them so the player can sign with the league. Details will be released once approved by the court, and as well as an economic sum, it will involve a preseason tour.

So, expect to see NOB playing in some of the midseason friendlies next season, if it does all go through. Though it does mention this agreement having to be approved in court, you'd think if the player and both clubs are in agreement that it would be just a rubberstamp, but who knows, hopefully that won't be a long delay.

Then the interesting bit will be to see how it works with the long closed transfer window, if he can play this season and if so what kind of explanation can be come up with as to why. In that respect the deal going through a court might help any case TFC might have that this isn't a regular transfer and thus the window shouldn't apply.

We're almost there, we're almost there.

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