Toronto FC select Kene Eze 60th overall in 2014 SuperDraft

This isn't Kene Eze. Instead it's last year's supplemental draft success story Taylor (Who?) Morgan. - Jeff Vinnick

Can he earn a contract for the season? Will his trial last long enough for him to make the trip to Orlando?

Toronto FC started the day with just one selection left, their 4th round pick, 60th overall. Despite a few interesting names still available they didn't make a trade to pick higher, instead just sticking with that 60th pick, which they used on Kene Eze.

The chances of this working out are pretty pretty small. Last year, back when it was still called the supplemental draft, they selected Ashton Bennett, Taylor Morgan, Nik Robson and Jose Gomez. Bennett played 16 minutes Morgan got 15 before they were both dumped on May 14th, and they were the success stories, Robson and Gomez being dumped on February 10th even when TFC had nothing close to a full or settled squad  At least they did make it out to the start of pre season in Orlando, some of the 2012 picks didn't even get that far. Michael Green, Nickardo Blake, Mykell Bates, Arthur Ivo and  Mike Mazzullo. Remember them? Nope, didn't think so. Blake, Bates, Ivo and Mazzullo got as far as February 3rd. Green did get the pre season trip but didn't crack the squad. But of course to offset all that cynical talk, there's Joao Plata from 2011 picked at this stage of proceedings, so best not to write anyone off just yet.

Anyway, enough about those guys, what about Eze? Well, he's a 22 year old (exactly, today's his birthday!) forward from Rutgers, and has been their leading scorer for the last 3 years, in 2013 he only played 14 games but scored 8 goals with 4 assists.

For some brief scouting soundbites, check out his profile on  I'll sum them up, fast, liable to get kicked all over the place and needs to improve tactically.

Top Drawer soccer had him at number 96 on their last mock draft board, which isn't exactly encouraging and neither they or have a highlights video to link, also not encouraging.  Google does bring up a highlights video from high school, so here's that, I'm sure it's still very relevant

Let's hope we actually get to see even a little bit of pre season action, but probably best not to count on it. Even without other additions, he's well down the depth list at forward. Really, I'm just waiting for the club to put out their news release with a pronunciation guide so I know what direction to go with for good puns. When he's inevitably released (which is probably the next time we'll write about him) will the headline be 'Over-Eze', or 'Oh my god, you killed Kene! You Bastards!'

If anyone out there does know something about Eze or has seen him play and can offer any insight, feel free to share.

Anyway welcome Kene, best of luck to you, I hope you prove the tone of this article completely wrong.

Here's the full results for the 3rd and 4th round.

Team Pick Blog
39. Portland Timbers George Fochive, Uconn, D Stumptown Footy
40. Chivas USA Kris Tyrpak, Houston Baptist, M The Goat Parade
41. Sporting Kansas City Peter Schmetz, UC Santa Barbara, D The Daily Wiz
42. Columbus Crew Fifi Baiden, UC Santa Barbara, M Massive Report
43. FC Dallas Nicholas Walker, Farleigh Dickinson, D Big D Soccer
44. Philadelphia Union Richard Marquez, Redlands, D Brotherly Game
45. Crew Adam Bedell, Detroit Mercy, M/F Massive Report
46. Union Alex Sweetin, St. Louis, M Brotherly Game
47. San Jose Earthquakes AJ Corrado, Indiana, M Quake, Rattle and Goal
48. Montreal Impact Pete Caringi, UMBC, F Mount Royal Soccer
49. Colorado Rapids Tolani Ibikunle, Wake Forest, D Burgundy Wave
50. New England Revolution Pierre Omanga, Southern New Hampshire, F The Bent Musket
51. Vancouver Whitecaps Michael Kafari, New Mexico, M 86 Forever
52. Union Aodhan Quinn, Akron, MF Brotherly Game
53. Real Salt Lake Joey Dillon, Georgetown, M RSL Soapbox
54. Houston Dynamo Michael Lisch, New Mexico, GK Dynamo Theory
55. Seattle Sounders Stefano Rijssell, W Connection, M/F Sounder at Heart
56. D.C. United Zachery Barnes, Creighton, M Black and Red United
57. Sporting KC Alex Martinez, NC State, M The Daily Wiz

Fourth round

58. Whitecaps Mackenzie Pridham, Cal Poly, F 86 Forever
59. Chivas USA Michael Nwiloh, Georgia State, D The Goat Parade
60. Toronto FC Kene Eze, Rutgers, F Waking the Red
61. Chicago Fire Zach Bolden, Denver, M Hot Time in Old Town
62. FC Dallas Ronny Mendoza, Manta FC (Ecuador), D Big D Soccer
63. Union Luca Gimenez, Wake Forest, M Brotherly Game
64. Whitecaps Michael Calderon, New Mexico, M 86 Forever
65. Fire Kadeem Dacres, UMBC, M Hot Time in Old Town
66. Earthquakes Devante Dubose, Virginia Tech, D Quake, Rattle and Goal
67. Impact Jordan Ongaro, San Diego State, F Mount Royal Soccer
68. Rapids Albert Edwards, Lindsey Wilson Burgundy Wave
69. D.C. United Travis Golden, Campbell, D Black and Red United
70. Real Salt Lake Daniel Jackson, Coker College RSL Soapbox
71. Timbers Victor Chavez, UCLA, F Stumptown Footy
72. LA Galaxy pass LAG Confidential
73. Timbers Nikita Kotlov, Indiana, MF Stumptown Footy
74. Earthquakes Billy Knutsen, American, GK Quake, Rattle and Goal
75. Fire Byran Ciesiulka, Marquette, M Hot Time in Old Town
76. Sporting KC Reinaldo Brenes, Akron, F The Daily Wiz
77. Sounders Fabio Perieira, Michigan, M Sounder at Heart
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