TFC make the playoffs and finish 3rd in conference! ...says a game simulation...

Decided to run an experiment on FIFA 14 today...

Updated the team's roster (while also moving out Eckersley, Earnshaw, Elmer and Laba) and ran through a full season simulation. I picked a diamond midfield with 2 strikers, and let my assistant manager make all the roster decisions...

Toronto is a 3 out of 5 star team now btw. Used to be a 2 star I think.

Ended up 3rd in Eastern Conference behind NY and the Crew with 57 points good for 5th in the league. Had a +13 goals differential.

How did we do I the playoffs you ask? Faced Crew in first round and after 2-2 on aggregate, we lost 5-4 on penalties (Caldwell got injured in first leg so you can add an extra 3 months to his injury total in the table below...). LA beat the Crew in the final 3-0.

Although the Board wasn't always happy with me, I was 'the man for the job' at the end of the season... Not bad considering I always got fired prior to Defoe and Bradley being added to the team...

Team leaderboard (Name - Appearances - Goals - Assists)

Defoe 34, 16, 3 (had 2 separate 6 game scoring slumps)

Bradley 34, 3, 2 (was mostly Defensive mid - received a 5M USD transfer offer for him)

Bekker 34, 4, 8 (was mostly Attacking mid ...34 games?!?)

Gilberto 32, 15, 1 (he always signs with another club to leave after the current season)

Orr 30, 0, 0 (did many tour of duties at CB thanks to injuries, he was injured 2 weeks himself)

Jackson 29, 3, 2

Morrow 28, 1, 0

Rey 27, 1, 0

Henry 26, 0, 0 (received a 625k transfer offer for him)

Osorio 24 0, 2 (he was used all over the field as a filler - even one game at CB due to injuries)

Lambe 23, 0, 0 (!!)

Boss 19, 0, 0 (6 weeks of injuries)

Richter 17, 0, 0 (8 weeks of injuries)

Bendik 15, 0, 0 (Bendik went into a slump mid-season and got replace by Roberts... !!)

Roberts 15, 0, 0 (Roberts went into a slump of his own and was replaced by Konopka !!)

Morgan 13, 1, 0

Caldwell 13, 0, 0 (4 months of injuries)

De Ro 8, 2, 0 (6 weeks of injuries)

Dike 6, 1, 0

Bloom 4, 0, 0

Konopka 4, 0, 0

Hall 3, 0, 0 (4 months of injuries)

Wiedeman, Welshman, Aparicio 0, 0, 0

I really don't think Bekker and Lambe will be used that much.. If Laba does leave, we'll probably see more of Jeremy Hall than I did in this simulation... We'll see what happens this summer!

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