Fantasy Free-Kick Week 8

Sounders are flying high this week, especially Dempsey, Martins and Neagle - Otto Greule Jr

Leading once is good, twice is nice but three times and you've got everyone gunning for you. Plus a record score for the weekly winner and as always how to handle your Reds this week.

Well someone likes being on top, Canadian Bacons have done it again. For a third week in a row there is no change at the top. Kudos need to go out to Canadian Bacons as retaining the lead this week was extremely difficult and they actually stretched their lead slightly as the team previously in 2nd, Hard Lines dropped down to 7th. Kicks and Giggles made a big jump the other way, vaulting into the top 3. With the double week games from Houston and New York this was the highest average scoring week. Evidence of that is this rounds winner, SMONKEY FC with a whopping 115 points. The first winner to break the century mark this season. SMONKEY FC took full advantage of the DWG’s fielding seven Dynamo and Red Bull players. Bradley Wright-Phillips scored 23 points and still wasn’t the top scorer on the team. That honour went to the captained Clint Dempsey with 24. Roy Miller and Will Bruin also cracked double digits to help clinch this week’s title.


A trio of Sounders are among the most added players this week. Clint Dempsey has been on fire over the last month and has finally climbed the ladder to the top of the MLS Fantasy Most Wanted list. After back to back great games Lamar Neagle is quite a bit off the pace of Dempsey but a 9 point game followed by a 11 pointer will certainly get a lot of attention. When Neagle starts he has the ability to put up consistent numbers but at $7.5m it may be tough for some players to fit a man in who doesn’t get in every game. The next Sounder on the list is Dempsey’s running mate, Obafemi Martins. The biggest benefactor of Deuce playing how everyone expected him to has been Martins. With a couple of home games on the schedule next for the Sounders all three of these players could have good games in the near future.


What do Ricardo Clark, Will Bruin and Sebastian Le Toux all have in common? They are being dropped like a sack of potatoes this week. No surprise really, considering Houston and Philadelphia both had double game weeks in the past two weeks. Clark is currently listed as injured but Bruin and Le Toux have not been on the injury report. So is a Bruin for Neagle swap in your plans this week?


Hopefully the Reds took full advantage of the bye week to get healthy. Given they have another bye week next week, i wouldn't advise transferring any of them in, but if you have Reds on your bench, then it's be a good idea to get them into your lineup. There isn’t a much better possible matchup for TFC at the moment. New England doesn’t usually give up a tonne of goals but chinks can be found in the New England armour. TFC will find the back of the net this week. Picking the TFC goal scorer is next to impossible outside of Defoe but there will be at least one home goal this week. On the other end of the pitch play all your defenders and Julio Cesar. New England’s offense has been the exact opposite of the defense. While the defense can hold their own the offense has had more than their fair share of struggles this season. This match could be as close to a clean sheet as you could be.

Here are the top 10 in the WTR League this week:


And to finish off here's some more advice for week 10 from, who do it in video fashion. Oooh, aaaah, etc.

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