Brazil 2014

World Cup, Brazil 2014: Day 28 Open Thread.


So then, yesterday was insane. today, it's Argentina vs Netherlands.

World Cup, Brazil 2014: Day 27 Open Thread. Brazil


Have you got a semi? The world cup does!

World Cup, Brazil 2014: Day 24 Open Thread


More quarter final action, can we get one last shock, or will we get a very predictable semi final line up?

World Cup, Brazil 2014: Day 23 Open thread.


Quarter final time, and today's got the big battles.

The Vocal Minority Podcast: Episode 44 #NotFunny


"Live from..." "Hey, give me the mike!" "What? No" "I wanna do it this week" "back off man, I've got this" "hmph, fine" "...It's the Vocal Minority podcast!"

World Cup Brazil 2014: Day 20 Open Thread.


Last day of the round of 16 matches, before, horrors, we get two full days off (once again TFC is here to fill the gap though!) Today, Argentina vs Switzerland, then Michael Bradley's USA take on...

World Cup Brazil 2014: day 19 Open Thread.


Yesterday was Uefa vs Concacaf, today it's Uefa vs CAF as the round of 16 action continues.

World Cup Brazil 2014: Day 18 Open Thread


Brazil continue to advance without impressing, Colombia continue to advance And impress. Up today, Netherlands vs Mexico, then Costa Rica vs Greece.


World Cup: Evaluating The Also-Rans

A look at the 'also ran' confederations and who might be deserving of more, or less, representation at future worlds cups.

World Cup, Brazil 2014: Day 17 Open Thread


Shit gets real. It's Knockout round time, penalties loom. Fun.

USA 0-1 Germany: Backing in to the next round


The United States may have lost their final game of the group stage but they are moving on to the next round thanks to a superior goal difference ahead of Portugal.

World Cup, Brazil 2014, Day 15 Open Thread


Yesterday was a bit of a letdown, but there's potential for fireworks today.

Caught in Two Minds – Cesar at the World Cup


Caught in Two Minds – the Joys and Consternations of Julio Cesar Representing Toronto FC at the World Cup

World Cup, Brazil 2014: Day 14 Open Thread


Yesterday, things got weird, Suarez biting, Greece scoring, twice! and qualifying, and Italy getting knocked out. Today's got to be a bit of a letdown right?

World Cup, Brazil 2014: Day 13 Open Thread


Brazil and Mexico, Netherlands and Chile. All through. As are Costa Rica and Colombia, but who'll join them and in what order?


MLS Insider - The Return of César

Julio Cesar and Brazil are off to the second round of the World Cup. A look at the part Toronto FC played in rescuing his career from the freefall that might have taken him out of the squad all...

World Cup, Brazil 2014: Day 12 Open Thread


Alright, the slow buildup reaches it's crescendo this week as 16 games over 4 days decides all the groups.

USA 2-2 Portugal: Let's all blame Bradley


Michael Bradley seems to have been elected as the fall guy as the United States failed to hold on against Portugal. Now they head to the final group game with their fate still up in the air.

World Cup, Brazil 2014: Day 11 Open Thread


The last of the second round of group games, and the US have the chance to qualify early.

World Cup, Brazil 2014: Day 10 Open Thread


It just keeps on going, 3 more games today, Argentina vs Iran, Germany vs Ghana and Nigeria vs Bosnia and Herzegovina

World Cup Qualification Scenarios


Alright, it's getting close to business time, who needs to do what to make it to the next round?

World Cup Brazil 2014: Day 9 Open Thread


Colombia are through, England are more or less out, Today, that can be confirmed if Italy don't beat Costa Rica. Also, group E action as France take on Switzerland and Ecuador play Honduras.

World Cup, Brazil 2014: Day 8 Open Thread


Spain, Australia and Cameroon are out. Today, England or Uruguay could be on the brink.

World Cup, Brazil 2014: Day 7, Open Thread


More ties, more 0-0s. boooo. Up next, Australia vs Netherlands, Spain vs Chile, Cameroon vs Croatia.

World Cup, Brazil 2014: Day 6 Open Thread


The first round of matches ends today, and the second gets underway with Brazil vs Mexico.

USA 2-1 Ghana: Americans win as Bradley struggles


The Americans grabbed the full three points in their World Cup effort thanks to some tough defending and making the most of their chances. Despite the win it was not the best outing for Michael...

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