Fantasy Free-Kick: Round 6

New league leader. New weekly leader. Who's hot? Who's not? What to do with your Reds this weekend.

Fantasy Free-Kick: Week 5

New leader in the WTR League. New weekly leader, and they're one and the same. A former TFC player is being added to more teams than any other player in fantasy this week. Who are these mystery men?

"All for One" Episode Four

Go behind the scenes of the first two games of Toronto FC's season and as a bonus go home with Steven Caldwell with the latest episode of "All for One".

Fantasy Free-kick: Week 4

New league leader as Hammerheads slip. Who's hot? Who's not? Jackson returns to the TFC lineup, should you start him?

MLS Insider goes inside Toronto FC

Toronto FC are getting plenty of media coverage this season which is great for fans looking for more access to the club. The latest inside look comes from MLS Insider and gives fans a closer look at the game against Seattle and TFC's rebuild.

Fantasy Free-kick: Week 3

Hammerheads still lead but the gap is closing. New weekly leader. Who are owners adding? Who are they dropping? What to do with your TFC players this week?

Are you smarter than Paul Mariner? Round 2

A chance for redemption for all the pessimists, an opportunity to widen the gap for the optimists.

Fantasy Free-kick: Week 2

We created a league, so unlike last season, this year we'll pay attention to it, with a weekly recap of the league and general thoughts, observations and advice for your team. This week? Kudos to the Toronto Hammerheads, and everybody pick defoe!

Vocal Minority Podcast: Episode 28

Live from the floor of Jacob Peterson's American flag factory, it's the Vocal Minority podcast!

All For One: Episode 1 and 2

Go behind the scenes at Toronto FC with the first two episodes of "All for One" as the club shares an inside look at their big signings, draft day, and the start of training camp.


Build your own TFC transfer rumour XI!

Join in some offseason fun and games by building your own starting lineup using any of the players who were linked to Toronto FC during 2013. There are plenty of names to work with but the challenge is fitting them into an actual lineup.

Managing Toronto FC: Football Manager 2014 stlye

We took over control of Toronto FC to see what it would be like to guide the club to success and finally bring trophies to BMO Field. Since we couldn't do it in real life we turned to the next best thing, Football Manager 2014.

Joe Bendik wins at twitter

Toronto FC may not be winning a lot of games or endearing themselves to fans of late but at least Joe Bendik's reply to some twitter rage brought a smile to the face of some TFC fans.

What a waste of money! MLS salaries released

It's the most wonderful time of the year, when the union releases the salary figures. Who's got the worst contract on the team. You decide! With a poll!


TFC in 2013 MLS Topps Trading cards set.

Topps came up with 11 players to represent TFC in their trading card set. They didn't do a good job.

Could TFC Have Saved the MLS All-Stars?

TFC players haven't exactly been a fixture on MLS All-Star squads, but after last night's farcical display against Roma, could a touch of Red in the lineup have made the display a little less ugly?

Provincial National Teams: Build your own squads

If Quebec can have their own National Team despite not being an actual nation then why can't we have some fun building similar squads for the rest of the country, or at least for the four provinces that it is possible for.

Topps MLS 2013 set stocked with TFC collectibles

MLS has formed an exclusive partnership with Topps to produce new lines of collectibles. The first offering of that partnership will be the 2013 trading card series set to hit shelves this July. The set includes plenty of desirable TFC cards.

WTR's Tasties: Poutine + Butty + Tortilla Equals..

Need some ideas for your next game day snack, something to enjoy when the game is on? Never fear, WTR Labs got the solution with a wrap...but not just any ordinary wrap!

Best! Toronto FC Goal! Ever! Maybe.

It was as fantastic as it was surprising. Goal of the week? Probably. Best TFC goal this season? Absolutely. Best TFC goal of all time?

Life In a Canadian Footy Swag-Free Zone

There's the massive upsides of living outside of Toronto, and there are the small downsides: like not being able to get gear without shipping it across the country or somewhere else. This is one western TFC supporter's tale of woe.


Win $100 MLS Gear gift certificate, and more.

Prizes (actual good ones!) and the rules for winning said prizes, in wtr's mls fantasy soccer league. Join now.

A Closer Look at Toronto FC's 2013 Kit

Waking the Red's resident westerner takes a closer look at the new TFC kit. What's it got new? And is it worth buying? And what could it all mean for the future of MLS kittage?


MLS fantasy Soccer: Waking the Red league

Set up an MLS fantasy soccer team, fill it with as many TFC players as possible of course, and compete against WTR writers, readers whoever. Glory and some kind of prize awaits.

The Secret Diary of a (Fictional Gay) Footballer

The issue of LGBT acceptance in sport has been a hot topic in recent years, and much effort has been made to put that issue on the forefront. And while there are a few Brandon Ayanbadejos out there, there are still far too many Chris Cullivers and Luiz Felipe Scolaris still resisting the tide. For those who suffer in silence under these Cullivers and Scolaris, or even in their own private Idahos, there are stories to tell...and that is why I've created the Teddy Perrault Diaries. Teddy is a fictional MLS player that is struggling with balancing who he is, with his love and desire for soccer -- the story may be fictional, but the facts behind them are all too common. Entries are being posted each day, with new ones each day in February. I will post updates on WTR, so come on over and check it out...and if you like it, share it with the world!

Of Madridistas, Blaugranas, and Toronto FC

Some media day fluff for you. Barcelona or Real Madrid? TFC players were asked the question, the results were unsurprising really.

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