Polls/Contests etc.

Fantasy Free-Kick Week 20


Plenty of DGW's this week. Make sure to get as many DGW players in your lineup as possible. Plus the WTR standings update and this week's winner.

Fantasy Free-Kick Week 18


Brand new weekly winner in the WTR league. Same old story at the top of the table. TFC are on a DGW should you play all your Reds?

Fantasy Free-Kick Week 17


WTR Fantasy league update + who's hot and not

Fantasy Free-Kick Week 16


First place is holding strong coming out of the break, new weekly winner, who's hot who's not and what to do with your TFC players.

Fantasy Free-Kick Week 15


We are at the unofficial halfway mark of the season and there are two kinds of teams remaining. One that has still has their wildcard and one that doesn't. Which one are you? How should you build...

Fantasy Free-Kick Round 14


In the last round before the World Cup break in the league schedule prices are rising fast in MLS Fantasy. What does TFC's acquisition of Dominic Oduro last week mean for fantasy? This week's top...

Fantasy Free-Kick Week 13


The MLS World Cup break is coming up, it's time to make a push before the break.

Fantasy Free-Kick: Week 11


This means war! There is a duel at the top of the table in the league standings.

Are you smarter than Paul Mariner? Round 11


Date night late night with TFC in KC. The leader only has 17 points for the leader after 10 rounds? Maybe Mariner was smarter than us all afterall.

Fantasy Free-Kick Round 11


Movement all over the standings including a new leader. New England and LA are the teams to stock up on this week.

Fantasy Free-Kick Week 10


Are World Cup squads ruining your fantasy team? Never mind, there's unlimited transfers!!!! YAY!!!!!!

Fantasy Free-kick: Round 9


It's Groundhog Day at the top, but there is a new weekly winner. Also, who should you transfer for this week with 6 teams playing twice.

Fantasy Free-Kick Week 8


Leading once is good, twice is nice but three times and you've got everyone gunning for you. Plus a record score for the weekly winner and as always how to handle your Reds this week.

All For One: Episode Five


Ever wonder what Doneil Henry's parents are like or what his bedroom looks like? Want to know why it was hard for Duncan Oughton to move to Toronto or why making his debut in Columbus was special...

Fantasy Free-Kick: Week 7


WTR Fantasy League top 10. Weekly winner and how much is Duncan beating the other WTR writers by this week?

Fantasy Free-Kick: Round 6


New league leader. New weekly leader. Who's hot? Who's not? What to do with your Reds this weekend.

Fantasy Free-Kick: Week 5


New leader in the WTR League. New weekly leader, and they're one and the same. A former TFC player is being added to more teams than any other player in fantasy this week. Who are these mystery men?

"All for One" Episode Four


Go behind the scenes of the first two games of Toronto FC's season and as a bonus go home with Steven Caldwell with the latest episode of "All for One".

Fantasy Free-kick: Week 4


New league leader as Hammerheads slip. Who's hot? Who's not? Jackson returns to the TFC lineup, should you start him?

MLS Insider goes inside Toronto FC


Toronto FC are getting plenty of media coverage this season which is great for fans looking for more access to the club. The latest inside look comes from MLS Insider and gives fans a closer look...

Fantasy Free-kick: Week 3


Hammerheads still lead but the gap is closing. New weekly leader. Who are owners adding? Who are they dropping? What to do with your TFC players this week?

Are you smarter than Paul Mariner? Round 2


A chance for redemption for all the pessimists, an opportunity to widen the gap for the optimists.

Fantasy Free-kick: Week 2


We created a league, so unlike last season, this year we'll pay attention to it, with a weekly recap of the league and general thoughts, observations and advice for your team. This week? Kudos to...

Vocal Minority Podcast: Episode 28


Live from the floor of Jacob Peterson's American flag factory, it's the Vocal Minority podcast!

All For One: Episode 1 and 2


Go behind the scenes at Toronto FC with the first two episodes of "All for One" as the club shares an inside look at their big signings, draft day, and the start of training camp.

Build your own TFC transfer rumour XI!


Join in some offseason fun and games by building your own starting lineup using any of the players who were linked to Toronto FC during 2013. There are plenty of names to work with but the...

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