Toronto FC Sticker Album


People still seem to like sticker albums so if you are going through with draw now that you have completed your World Cup album here is something to help fill the void. Just a digital album but it might be fun if that is the sort of thing you are interested in. Plus, if you finish off your album you will be entered to win a custom jersey so get collecting.

Risk Everything


Just a little something a friend showed me. Though I'd share it in case anyone needs help getting excited about the start of the World Cup.

Should Defoe Have Made the World Cup?


Hey guys. I published something over at Three Lion Roar, SB Nation's blog dedicated to the English national team, about your star striker, Jermaine Defoe. Thought you guys might be a little bit interested. Cheers.

Hi Toronto fans! Listen to Kristin Knowles preview this weekend's game on a D.C. United podcast


I'm Adam, from down DC way, and I wanted to let you know that WTR's fantastic Kristin Knowles came onto our podcast, Filibuster, this week to chat about the upcoming match between your Reds and our D.C. United. It was lots of fun, and I encourage you all to check it out.

"Henry's star rising on pitch" article


The Canadian Press published an article in the papers today with the headline "Henry's star rising on pitch" but take a look at the picture... who's the intern getting fired for this mistake lol

All for One episode three


All for One returns with the third episode. This time following the team for through the Walt Disney Pro Soccer Classic. Also gives you a look behind the scenes of Julio Cesar's arrival at the club on loan.

Júlio César causes controversy by playing in an amateur 7-a-side game

+ has reported that Julio Cesar took part in an amateur 7-a-side tourney in Brazil, prompting Big Phil Scolari to say: "Júlio plays for which team? Toronto. So the person that needs to speak to him is the manager of Toronto. As I've said to you one hundred times, if I don't have one player, I take another." Brazil's article includes a photo: Not much controversy here - looks like he just played a few minutes, perhaps with some old mates from the neighborhood. Still, a bit of risk for a guy who wants to go the World Cup in his home country in a few months.

Vocal Minority podcast: Episode 27


The latest edition of the Vocal Minority is now out. Discussing the Laba trade, what we learnt in preseason (not much) and the BMO expansion plans. We also predict who'll win things in MLS this year, and say goodbye to Reggie Lambe with a 21 pun salute.

Best Attended Leagues Globally


The Aussie rules game has a huge fan base. Football leagues dominate, but surprisingly or not it is the NFL and the CFL! My favourite detail in the listing is the line comment for the IPL cricket league, "figures too unreliable to continue".

Steven Caldwell talks TFC, MLS to Sky Sports


Well, it's been a quiet few days, so here's a little something to plug the gap somewhat. Steven Caldwell's back in Britain for Christmas and went on Sky Sports show Soccer AM, talking TFC and the MLS playing experience in general. Some interesting tidbits, and also a mention of him being voted player of the year by readers of the website Waking the Red and the Red Patch Boys. Watch the full interview here.

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