Steven Caldwell talks TFC, MLS to Sky Sports


Well, it's been a quiet few days, so here's a little something to plug the gap somewhat. Steven Caldwell's back in Britain for Christmas and went on Sky Sports show Soccer AM, talking TFC and the MLS playing experience in general. Some interesting tidbits, and also a mention of him being voted player of the year by readers of the website Waking the Red and the Red Patch Boys. Watch the full interview here.

Congratulations to John! Masterchef in the making


Regular readers of this site will be familiar with John Leung for his work writing about soccer for us over the past year plus. What you may not know is that when he is not talking about soccer he is actually a talented vocalist and chef. Over the past few months John had to take a step back from the blog as his cooking pursuits took to the forefront and that move has paid off big time for John as he can now confirm that he is in the top 50 for Masterchef Canada. It is quite an achievement for our friend from Calgary and we at Waking the Red want to wish him all the best and hope that TFC fans get behind him when the show premiers in the new year. Good luck John!

We Are 1435! We Are 1435! We Are 1435!


According to this site TFC is 1435 out 1850 team around the globe.

BBC Article on Dike's Nigerian Team Competition


For those that might be interested in Dike's challenges with earning time on his national team, here is a British based article. Always, get a grin out of the Brits, they have never figured out that Canada is a sovereign country yet.

East Side Stand Up podcast. Montreal review/post season thoughts


I joined Red Nation Online's Ian Clarke to discuss the Montreal game and scratch the surface of a season review. Best and worse moves, player of the season, what we can take forward for 2014 and more.

No Sitting Allowed: Toronto FC


Not quite sure how I missed this, but check out the sweet MLS video on Supporter culture in TO. A little syrupy, but does a good job of capturing what it means to be a supporter through the trials of the last few years. I'll be coming back to this when it's cold and blowy this off-season. Also, when the weather's bad. Hey-oh! C. PS. HT to Mount Royal Soccer, where I originally found it.

Shift in Outlook from Big Tim?


Good to see TL acknowledge that TFC needs results more than a recognizable name. Now can he deny his inner-huckster and follow through? C.

Tam Nsaliwa: Scorer of awesome goals


While the best goal of the weekend may have come from a player many Canadians are hoping might one day suit up for the National Team as Camilo scored a stunning volley to steal a point for Vancouver in the closing minutes against Portland it was not the only impressive goal of the weekend scored by a player with a connection to Canada. Over in Turkey, former Canadian international Tam Nsaliwa scored both goals for Bucaspor in a 2-1 win. His second goal came in the 90th minute and was an absolutely cracking long rang free kick that left the keeper with no chance.

Into The Rabbit Hole...


This doesn't exactly fit here but he's canadian so...

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