Notes from the Stands – Toronto FC v Sporting KC


A forum for sharing observations from the match day experience, as TFC and Sporting KC played to a 1-2 result, kicking off the conversation with a few notes

Notes from the Stands – Toronto v Houston


The first edition of a new segment, pointing out some of the off-field observations from the TFC match day experience and providing a form for other notes from the stands

TFC depth chart: World Cup break version


Toronto FC is about to get back down to business following their World Cup break so now is the time to look at their depth chart and see how it is shaping up for a busy four months of MLS action.

Why it's Important that Canada be in FIFA 15


With the game being developed in Canada, it seems only logical that the Canadian Men's National Team should be included in the FIFA video game series. This has yet to happen. Here is why it is so...

How does Canada get to the World Cup?


Canadians have waited too long to see Canada qualify for the World Cup. How much longer must we wait? What can be done to get us there?

Was Bradley snubbed by Arsenal for being American?


Bob Bradley thinks that Americans, his son included, don't get a fair chance in Europe. He makes his point by singling out Arsenal for not signing his son this past January before Michael signed...

Should TFC be looking into Sebastien Le Toux?


Not quite the double digit goal scorer he was with Vancouver but could he be enough to help TFC finally reach the playoffs?

Voyageurs Cup. Just how hard should TFC try to win


TFC's V-Cup campaign gets under way this Wednesday. Should they be going all out to try and win this year?

MLS minimum salary continues to lag behind


While MLS clubs are spending more money to bring in star players and domestic players are starting to command higher wages the issue remains of the league's minimum salary being too far behind its...

Vocal Minority Pod: Episode 31: #WhitesXenophobia


Live from just behind the 3 construction workers on the Columbus Crew badge, it's the Vocal Minority Podcast!

Vocal Minority Podcast: Episode 30 #PowerOfKreis


Live from Danny Koevermans' retirement pancake party, it's the vocal minority podcast!

Defoe, TFC lethal on counter attack.


Two games, both of them with minimal possession and a lot of counter attacking. Merely circumstances, or is this the plan?

Vocal Minority Podcast: Episode 29 #Spearmint


Live from the litter box of Suarez Soolsma, it's the Vocal Minority Podcast!

Looking Forward, Looking Back – TFC & Goals

The next installment of Waking the Red's review-preview series as the calendar flips towards the start of the 2014 season - the focus of this edition is goals. Can't win without them.

TFC post pre-season depth chart: forwards


We continue to break down the depth chart by looking at the forwards. The starters seem to be set but at that the questions marks start to fly thanks to Bright Dike's injury.

TFC post pre season depth chart: Midfielders


Wrapping up post season by checking up on the depth chart. What's changed since January? Today, the midfielders.

TFC Post pre-season Depth chart: Goalies & defence


Wrapping up post season by checking up on the depth chart. What's changed since january? Today, Goalkeepers and the defence.

Hybrid grass, soccer, and football: Can it work?


Hybrid grass is on the rise in the soccer world but would it provide a viable solution for BMO Field when the time comes to host both Toronto FC and the Argos?

Looking Forward, Looking Back – TFC and Service


With the 2014 season just around the corner, Waking the Red looks back at the lessons of 2013, focusing on switching the play, crossing, corner and free kicks in this installment

The Loan Sharks. Who's on their way to Wilmington?


As TFC's relationship with Wilmington Hammerheads comes together, Waking the Red takes a look at the candidates for a loan to USL PRO

10 thoughts from media Day


Another Toronto FC media day is in the bag and there was not a whole lot of exciting information to come out of the event. There were some interesting points though so we share 10 take aways from...

Toronto FC pre-pre-season depth chart: review


Having already looked at the goalkeepers, defenders, midfielders, and forwards we wrap up our depth chart review by looking at the entire picture. On paper things are looking good for TFC with...

Toronto FC pre-pre-season depth chart: Forwards


Toronto FC are heading in to training camp with at least six options at forward. With Defoe, Gilberto, and Dike all capable of scoring goals TFC suddenly look to have a potent attack to work with.

Toronto FC pre-pre-season depth chart: Midfielders


Combing through the midfield stable, which is looking rather strong with seven weeks to kickoff.

Toronto FC pre-pre-season depth chart: Goalkeepers


What have we got, and what still needs addressing as far as TFC's squad is concerned? Starting with the goalies.

A New Beginning for TFC & the local soccer scene?


Star-studded headlines are great, but is there a quiet revolution underway?

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