Stat Attack

Looking Forward, Looking Back – TFC & Goals


The next installment of Waking the Red's review-preview series as the calendar flips towards the start of the 2014 season - the focus of this edition is goals. Can't win without them.

Toronto FC to bring in Julio Cesar. Good idea?


It's a clear upgrade in goal, does it make the overall team better?

Making a case for/against Ryan Nelsen


Ryan Nelsen was far from convincing in 2013 during his first season as a head coach. With opinions split on the coach so are the numbers so it is up to you to decide what you think of him as the...

TFC's passing and possession struggles


The 2013 version of Toronto FC has been a team that has relied heavily on the long ball but the problem is they are not good at picking out their teammates with them. Does the club actually have...

Possession and Wins in MLS


Is there a relationship between possession and who wins games in MLS? Does it change between home and away? We look into these questions with data from the 2013 MLS season to try and find the answers.

Toronto FC's defensive improvement: A closer look


It is safe to say that Toronto FC have been a defence first team under Ryan Nelsen but has that led to any sort of improvement that can be supported by the stats and just how much more improvement...

Matias Laba among the top defensive midfielders


Early in his MLS career Matias Laba is putting up some impressive numbers on both sides of the ball as his performances have him among the top defensive midfielders in the league. His DP tag may be...

What should fans realistically expect from Urruti


Urruti is finally signed and the expectations are sky high. The problem is that most fans don't really know what to expect from the player so it is worth looking back at his time with Newell's Old...

Joe Bendik, stats, and trying to rank keepers


Joe Bendik has been receiving a lot of praise for his play in recent weeks but how does he compare to other keepers around the league? Just how does one measure the performance of a goalkeeper...

Toronto loses every statistical battle, wins game


Toronto FC managed to beat Sporting Kansas City but what do the stats say they did well and where is there obvious room for improvement.

TFC's Forgotten Players: A Closer Look.


We take a closer look at the players who got less than 1,500 minutes of playing time for Toronto FC this season and find out just why they failed to feature regularly for the club

Worst TFC ever? We're getting close.


Looking at TFC's 2012 record so far, and how it measures up to their previous very poor history.

TFC 3:16 says 'Mariner just whipped your ass!'


A statistical look at Paul Mariner's first 10 league games in charge of Toronto FC, as opposed to the 10 league games under Aron Winter

Constantly playing catch-up makes TFC look better than they are.


The amount of time they're behind on the scoreline has made TFC look better than they are. When the teams are tied, they've been awful.

Toronto FC's Scoring Woes: A Statistical Look


Toronto FC are really struggling to score goals so far this season. What do stats have to tell us about why that is?

TFC 2012 Schedule: By The Numbers


A look at TFC's 2012 schedule, numbers wise, from a different perspective.

Kocic v Frei, Stats v Opinion


Kocic has got all the CCL starts so far? Do you bring in Frei for the big game though? Is Frei even the better keeper?

Stat Attack: Danny Koevermans


Danny Koevermans has already scored 6 goals since coming to Toronto. Looked at in depth, there are other stats that are even more impressive.

Torsten Frings v Julian De Guzman. A chalkboard analysis.


After their first game playing together, how did Torsten Frings and Julian de Guzman compare. Chalkboard stats confirm what you already knew.

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