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Mariner's TFC Coaching Timeline

We look back at some of the highlights of Paul Mariner's time with TFC, from, Director of Player Personnel to now, in a timeline.

Time To Throw 2012 on the Scrapheap

Still grumbling over last season? Time to move on, look on the bright side and embrace your inner happy person and just for kicks try on a positive outlook.

WTR Year in Review: Champagne Moments of the Year

In the second part of our look back at 2012, Team WTR looks at some of the shining moments of 2012. From the Olympics to the CCL, there was a lot of bright spots in the dark.

Santos Laguna 1-0 TFC: No Miracle Here

It wasn't going to happen, so we hope you weren't expecting it. We recap the end of TFC's continental journey in Torreon, Mexico.

Revisit TFC-Santos with our Game Thread!

A three goal win you say? TFC take on Santos Laguna in the last group stage match of the CCL. Follow the match with our thread!

CD Aguila vs. TFC: WTR's Infamous Game Thread


Well, here we are. Two more Champions League games that sort of matter. Follow this thread and chat with us pre- and in-match for all the gory, gory details as the match in San Salvador progresses.

WTR Live! For September and October


It's been one heck of a roller coaster ride, and we here at Waking the Red have brought you the highs and lows with our new CoveritLive text commentary feature this season. We're going to be wrapping up the season with five more matches, of which two are Canadian World Cup qualifiers. They are: 1. Saturday, September 22 - LA Galaxy vs. TFC 2. Friday, October 12 - Canada vs. Cuba 3. Tuesday, October 16 - Honduras vs. Canada 4. Wednesday, October 24 - Santos Laguna vs. TFC 5. Sunday, October 28 - Columbus vs. TFC So join us during those dates to watch and chat with us! All times subject to change, of course -- and you can visit the link above to set yourself some email reminders!

Toronto FC 1-3 Santos Laguna: We Tried To Quit This Day and Age...

This is the world we live in, I'm afraid. A season ends with a whimper for TFC, at the hands of Santos Laguna. Waking the Red recaps and summarizes tonight's match.

How You Doin'? Santos Laguna


It's been a season of change in Toronto AND Torreon, good, meh and bad. Waking the Red asks FMF State of Mind's Alicia Ratteree about Santos Laguna, ahead of Tuesday's match.

WTR Live! for Santos Laguna match


It's Tuesday night, and you don't have Sportsnet ONE. That or you're working...either way, you can't watch the clash, but you DO have a computer, and can watch live text commentary. That's where you'd be in luck -- WTR Live returns Tuesday night with live coverage via our lovely CoverItLive applet, and this time we've got a special guest commentator: Alicia Ratteree, from SB Nation's The Goat Parade and FMF State of Mind, will be my co-commentator. So join us starting at 7:45pm Eastern Time on Tuesday night -- it'll be fun on a bun, Mexican style!

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