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WTR Year in Review: Quotes of the Year

He said, she said. There's been quite a few words thrown around, but a few lines really stuck out. In Part 4 of Team WTR's Year in Review, we look at some of the memorable quotes of 2012 in...

WTR Year in Review: Villains of the Year

These are the ones you want to lob your rotten produce at for what they did this year! Team WTR singles out some of those who have receive (and should receive more of) your scorn from 2012.

WTR Year in Review: Antacid Moments of the Year

You think acid reflux is bad? Try watching an 8-1 thrashing. In Part 3 of our look back, Team WTR picks some of the moments in 2012 that made them want to reach for something a bit stronger than Tums.

Hart-Break, Storify'd!

A collection of the best tweets from Stephen Hart's resignation, collated via the miracle of Storify into one place.

BREAKING: Honduran Hart-Break

Two days after a disastrous end to World Cup hopes, Canadian national team coach Stephen Hart resigns. Waking the Red is following this story.

Honduras 8-1 Canada: Rod Stewart Speaks.

We'll let Rod Stewart do all of our talking for us for now.

Canada 3-0 Cuba: No Rain (of Goals)

It didn't rain goals, or as the Weather Girls might say, it just rained action figures. Canada win 3-0 against a weakened Cuba, and Waking the Red recaps it.

Revisit Canada-Cuba with WTR Live!

All of the glorious play-by-play of Canada-Cuba, hosted by John Leung with RedNation Online's Armen Bedakian and Mount Royal Soccer's Sofiane Benzaza.

A Very Special WTR Live!


Hey, remember when we said that tonight was only going to be a game thread? Well, we're upgrading it to a full-on WTR Live this evening! Join us in the screen in the post below starting at 8:45pm ET (6:45pm MT) with all of your favourite WTR writers and contributors, and watch the game and chat with us!

Panama vs. Canada: WTR Live!

One more step towards the Hex? It won't be an easy job for Canada as they're in Panama to put a stranglehold on Group C. Waking the Red has LIVE TEXT COMMENTARY, starting at 8:45pm ET!

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