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820 Words of Wisdom for Brother Robbie

Waking the Red's resident westerner pens a welcoming open letter to ex-Columbus Crew man Robbie Rogers on his new life, complete with wisdom and advice!

TFC's Day at the 2013 MLS SuperDraft: Storify'd

All of the social media-verse's reaction to TFC's day at the 2013 MLS SuperDraft, where they drafted Canadians Kyle Bekker (3rd overall) and Emery Welshman (16th overall). But what you'd be most...

Can North America Teach Europe on Anti-Homophobia?

While North America's soccer scene has made great strides in equality in 2012, Europe seems to consistently lack behind. Is 2013 the year that MLS's progress is strong enough for the other side of...

Shoshone Speaks: If You Got Nothing Nice To Say...

WTR's resident fashionista and Miss Manners is back, and she isn't happy about what Paul Mariner and Earl Cochrane's been saying. And she's got a few word for Aron Winter, too.

TFC's Season Ending Presser Yields Little

Toronto FC concluded their 6th season with their annual end of the year press conferences, with players and coaches discussing their future. Not surprisingly, not much said that we didn't know...

Revisit TFC-Santos with our Game Thread!

A three goal win you say? TFC take on Santos Laguna in the last group stage match of the CCL. Follow the match with our thread!

Toronto FC v Galaxy report. Ugh.


A terrible first half and a flattering final result are the end result as an undermanned and out of position TFC took on the Galaxy. One game closer to the end.

Toronto FC vs. Philadelphia Union: The WTR Game Thread

Two sides, born to lose but looking to the future. Waking the Red's got an early game thread today for the last 2012 meeting of TFC and Philadelphia.

TFC vs. Chicago Fire: The WTR Game Thread

We're back at it again! TFC is playing a rescheduled tie with Chicago, and Waking the Red is back with another game thread! Join us for pre- and in-game chat here.

Sporting KC 2-1 TFC: You Stole My Point, And That's What Really Hurts

Bad night for some, good night for others. TFC falls again, but not for lack of trying. Or something like that. Waking the Red recaps it all, with Rod Stewart lyrics.

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