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MLS TV rights deal - good or bad news for WWE?

The trend of huge increases in TV rights fees for live sports programming continued with Major League Soccer quadrupling their TV revenue in new deals with ESPN, Fox Sports and Univision. So does...

The Best Pranks in MLS History

They may be serious on the field, but MLS players and staff have a lot of fun off the field. Today, on this day of days in the world of practical jokes, we look back at some of the best MLS has...

Chivas USA bought by Major League Soccer


Chivas USA was purchased by Major League Soccer, the league announced Thursday. We have the news.

Should Revs Be Interested in Loan for TFC's Laba?


Toronto has too many DPs on their roster, and one solution to that problem is loaning out Matias Laba. The Revs have a DP and international roster spot open, should they be interested?

MLS issues statement regarding allegations at CUSA


Major League Soccer broke the silence and issued a statement regarding the recent allegations of racism and discrimination at Chivas USA. We provide the full statement, to give readers a sense of...

Real's switch to 4-man defense already working


Jose Luis Real switched to a 4-man defense after taking charge of Chivas USA. So far, it's helped the defense tremendously, as the Goats have improved statistically. We go over the changes and...

Revs 2, Quakes 0: Sene and Imbongo Net the Winners

The Revolution proved they were up to the challenge tonight, hitting the ground running and not letting up for 90+ minutes as they dominated the 2-0 victory against the 2012 Supporter's Shield...

820 Words of Wisdom for Brother Robbie

Waking the Red's resident westerner pens a welcoming open letter to ex-Columbus Crew man Robbie Rogers on his new life, complete with wisdom and advice!

The Secret Diary of a (Fictional Gay) Footballer


The issue of LGBT acceptance in sport has been a hot topic in recent years, and much effort has been made to put that issue on the forefront. And while there are a few Brandon Ayanbadejos out there, there are still far too many Chris Cullivers and Luiz Felipe Scolaris still resisting the tide. For those who suffer in silence under these Cullivers and Scolaris, or even in their own private Idahos, there are stories to tell...and that is why I've created the Teddy Perrault Diaries. Teddy is a fictional MLS player that is struggling with balancing who he is, with his love and desire for soccer -- the story may be fictional, but the facts behind them are all too common. Entries are being posted each day, with new ones each day in February. I will post updates on WTR, so come on over and check it out...and if you like it, share it with the world!

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