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The Secret Diary of a (Fictional Gay) Footballer

The issue of LGBT acceptance in sport has been a hot topic in recent years, and much effort has been made to put that issue on the forefront. And while there are a few Brandon Ayanbadejos out there, there are still far too many Chris Cullivers and Luiz Felipe Scolaris still resisting the tide. For those who suffer in silence under these Cullivers and Scolaris, or even in their own private Idahos, there are stories to tell...and that is why I've created the Teddy Perrault Diaries. Teddy is a fictional MLS player that is struggling with balancing who he is, with his love and desire for soccer -- the story may be fictional, but the facts behind them are all too common. Entries are being posted each day, with new ones each day in February. I will post updates on WTR, so come on over and check it out...and if you like it, share it with the world!

David Testo's tell-all interview with SB Nation

This has been a subject that we here at Waking The Red have covered on and off throughout the last year or so, and this story is particularly striking especially to myself. David Testo's coming-out is now a well-known story on both sides of the border, but very little detail of his past has really emerged -- until now. Leander Schaerlaeckens' piece highights his career, and offers an example of what we could potentially do for an openly gay TFC player. Seriously guys, it can happen...David Testo has laid out what we can do to help.

WTR Live! for Santos Laguna match

It's Tuesday night, and you don't have Sportsnet ONE. That or you're working...either way, you can't watch the clash, but you DO have a computer, and can watch live text commentary. That's where you'd be in luck -- WTR Live returns Tuesday night with live coverage via our lovely CoverItLive applet, and this time we've got a special guest commentator: Alicia Ratteree, from SB Nation's The Goat Parade and FMF State of Mind, will be my co-commentator. So join us starting at 7:45pm Eastern Time on Tuesday night -- it'll be fun on a bun, Mexican style!

Another Very Special WTR Live for the CCL

Just because we're in the midst of Olympic fever, doesn't mean we've forgotten about the CONCACAF Champions League -- and for those of you who can't be bothered to/just can't sign up for CONCACAF TV, we're hosting a very special WTR Live commentary session for the CD Aguila game this evening. I will be live starting at 7:45pm ET with news and views, and then stay with us during the game for live text comms, if you can't/don't want to sign up for CONCACAF TV -- and to chat with us!

#FreeTeddy Movement Catching On

As we previously reported here on Waking the Red, there is a movement surrounding Colorado Rapids supporter Teddy Montoya's mysterious ejection from Dick's Sporting Goods Park in Denver. The movement appears to be gaining some traction, and our friends over at the 24th Minute have picked up on this. In his article, Duane Rollins quotes Prost Amerika's story on how Kroneke Sports and Entertainment (the owners of the Rapids) are keeping tabs on people in their supporters section. To me, that smacks of a police state, and the ban is an incredibly overhanded maneouvre on someone who has been so faithful to his team. This is why I am calling all supporters and readers going to the game against Colorado this Wednesday to bring signs with the #FreeTeddy hashtag, and to chant "Free Teddy" when you can, especially if Altitude Television (the game's broadcaster in Colorado) microphones and cameras are nearby. We cannot let KSE leave BMO without hearing what Toronto's supporters have to say. Stand out, say it loud -- for me, and for Teddy: a true MLS supporter.

Rapids scores PR own goal: bans supporter for "alleged" incident

I don't usually get emotionally involved in major MLS-wide things, but this one really hits home. As you see in this link from our sister blog Burgundy Wave, my fellow Gay4Soccer correspondent Teddy Montoya has been banned by Colorado Rapids front office for an "alleged verbal assault" incident. No reason or explanation has been given, nor is expected. While it's Kroneke Sports and Entertainment's right to ban people is not in question, it's WHO they're banning and WHY is what I take issue with. It's a well-known fact that the Rapids front office and their supporter base don't see eye to eye, but this is the latest chapter in a sad saga, especially when attendances at DIck's Sporting Goods Park is already sad enough as-is, the last thing the Rapids need is more bad PR that makes TFC's front office look like geniuses.

WTR Live! Time Change

Just a reminder...we're having another WTR Live for the DC United game tomorrow. But we will be starting at 6:45pm instead of the originally advertised 1:45pm -- since well, let's just say I'd like to enjoy the Champions League final first. You can set a new reminder at the link above!

Women United F.C.: A Launch of Its Own

Hey, remember that panel discussion we did with Kayla Knapp, one of the founders of Women United FC, a group that brings female MLS supporters together? Her group just got written up in the Goal Blog for the New York Times! Wanna find out more about what they do? Visit their site today -- plus they're looking for a TFC team rep, too. Help 'em out!

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