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TFC vs. Chicago Fire: The WTR Game Thread

We're back at it again! TFC is playing a rescheduled tie with Chicago, and Waking the Red is back with another game thread! Join us for pre- and in-game chat here.

TFC vs. Sporting Kansas City: The Game Thread

Oh lift me, Jazzman, above this old routine -- wherever you are. Oh right, we're talking to air. Share the air of sorrow with us, and cry horns of tears with Waking the Red's live TFC-Sporting KC...

Disappointment (A Mini-Musical)

Nothing to play for, nothing to strive until next year. It's all a big disappointment, and we've got a new mini-musical to express that. Waking the Red presents: "Disappointment"!

WTR Live! for Santos Laguna match


It's Tuesday night, and you don't have Sportsnet ONE. That or you're working...either way, you can't watch the clash, but you DO have a computer, and can watch live text commentary. That's where you'd be in luck -- WTR Live returns Tuesday night with live coverage via our lovely CoverItLive applet, and this time we've got a special guest commentator: Alicia Ratteree, from SB Nation's The Goat Parade and FMF State of Mind, will be my co-commentator. So join us starting at 7:45pm Eastern Time on Tuesday night -- it'll be fun on a bun, Mexican style!

Toronto FC vs. Sporting Kansas City: The Game Thread

Top of the table, bottom of the table. It's just another Eastern Conference clash! Waking the Red's TFC-Sporting KC game thread is here!

Toronto FC 2-2 Portland Timbers: We Just Can't Make It


So close, so close...Toronto FC comes close, but no cigar against Portland. Waking the Red recaps. Also, the return of our famous Golden Trophies/Kicks to the Groin!

Toronto FC 5-1 C.D. Águila: Puttin' Suckas In Fear


Mama said, "knock Aguila out!" -- and TFC did just that. Waking the Red recaps and summarizes tonight's sparsely-attended CCL home opener.

Another Very Special WTR Live for the CCL


Just because we're in the midst of Olympic fever, doesn't mean we've forgotten about the CONCACAF Champions League -- and for those of you who can't be bothered to/just can't sign up for CONCACAF TV, we're hosting a very special WTR Live commentary session for the CD Aguila game this evening. I will be live starting at 7:45pm ET with news and views, and then stay with us during the game for live text comms, if you can't/don't want to sign up for CONCACAF TV -- and to chat with us!

Toronto FC vs. C.D. Águila: WTR Live!


Can't be bothered to sign up for CONCACAF TV for just the C.D. Aguila match? Follow Waking the Red's Live commentary instead; coverage starts at 7:45pm ET.

Toronto FC 2-1 Colorado Rapids: We're a Rocketship, On Our Way To Mars


Three in a row! Three in a row! We're on a tear now...right? Waking the Red's western correspondent recaps tonight's TFC vs. Rapids match.

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