TFC Top 31 Countdown

Ranking and profiling every player to play competitively for Toronto FC in 2012.

TFC Top 31 Countdown: #18 - Jeremy Hall


Useful but too expensive, he played a lot more than he really should have, got a kick in the face for his troubles, but did get to see some puppies and kittens. Number 18 is Jeremy Hall

TFC Top 31 Countdown: #19 - Joao Plata


He had a rough season under Winter, sat on the bench under Mariner and eventually wound up back in Ecuador. At #19 in our countdown is the pint-sized winger, Joao Plata.

TFC Top 31 Countdown: #20 - Quincy Amarikwa


A goal against Liverpool and two in the Champions League aside, that's as much as TFC got with Quincy Amarikwa, who comes in at 20 in our Top 31 countdown.

TFC Top 31 Countdown: #21 - Aaron Maund


12th overall draft pick, could he be the answer to the never ending Centre Back problem? Not if he keeps being played as a defensive Midfielder he can't? At number 21, it's Aaron Maund.

TFC Top 31 Countdown: #22 - Andrew Wiedeman


He is what we got in return for Julian de Guzman. Turns out he wasn't exactly the world's best finisher as SOME people made him out to be. Coming in at Number 22 in our Top 31 countdown, it's...

TFC Top 31 Countdown: #23 - Freddy Hall


A backup goalie, who got the chance to prove he should be back next year, but didn't really take it. Talented but inconsistent, at Number 23, it's Freddy Hall.

TFC Top 31 Countdown: #24 - Stefan Frei


Toronto's number one in goal ends up at number 24 on our countdown thanks to only playing 90 minutes before going down with a season ending ankle injury in training.

TFC Top 31 Countdown: #25 - Matt Stinson


2012 was not the best of seasons for academy grad Matt Stinson. He seemed to be out of favour with both Paul Mariner and Aron Winter and thanks to a number of injuries he found himself way down the...

TFC Top 31 Countdown: #26 - Ty Harden


At number 26 on the countdown of Toronto FC players we have Ty Harden who only made 5 appearances in 2012 but almost looked competent when playing next to Miguel Aceval.

TFC Top 31 Countdown: #27 - Miguel Aceval


After a bunch of players who barely played, most of whom are too young to relish being too critical of, we finally get to those who did enough to warrant a good dumping on, starting with number 27...

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