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Game Thread. Toronto FC v New York Red Bulls

Bmo Field, 7:30PM E.D.T

So tonight could be the night that TFC's playoff hopes finally come to an end. They realistically came to an end quite a while ago but the math says that as of now they are still in the running but unless everything goes the way of the Reds tonight we will no longer be able to say that.

It will be interesting to see how TFC come out tonight considering the fact that in midweek they played a massive game and it would not be a complete surprise to see that lead to a bit of a let off. Will also be interesting to see if Winter decided to rest anyone on the back end of a very heavy schedule or if he goes with his best 11 considering they are heading in to a fairly lengthy layoff for an international break.

For Toronto FC this game is not really going to be about keeping their slim playoff hopes alive or anything like that but rather it should be seen as a chance to continue building towards next year and more importantly the upcoming Champions League in Dallas. Very few of the players on the current squad were around when the Red Bulls won 5-0 earlier this season and even fewer were there the day that New York basically knocked TFC out of the playoffs, but I don't want to talk about that. It is safe to say that getting revenge might be on the minds of fans a lot more than it will be for the players. I don't know a single TFC fan that would not love to claim a win tonight in hopes that it helps keep the Red Bulls out of the playoffs.

Either way this is shaping up to be an interesting encounter between a TFC team that really does have nothing to lose and a NYRB team that at this stage just wants to salvage something from a season that started so well but has gone so wrong of late.

Join us here to discuss the game, from about 6:30-ish, or when lineups get posted on twitter.

Come On You Reds!