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Canada vs Puerto Rico. Game day links.

Canada v Puerto Rico game day, actually in Toronto this time, with all sorts of opportunities for the big media guys to get interviews and build articles, so it's bound to be everywhere right? Well not exactly, it's still very much the blogs leading the way. Anyway, I'll start here.

That's from Soccer Canada's youtube channel, where you can also now see highlights of all 7 goals from the St Lucia game.

Red Nation Online puts forth their usual excellent effort, with this preview of the game, including interviews with De Rosario, Occean, Edgar and Jazic.  They also have this profile of Julian de Guzman after winning his 50th cap, and the latest Paul James podcast is of course very heavily Canada focused.

At Canadian Soccer News, they have details of what results are needed for Canada to seal qualification, why Andre Hainault turning down the invitation to play in these 2 games really isn't that big of a deal, as well as details of the Voyageurs' pre game food drive.

The has a game preview, with Stephen Hart ackowledging that the team seems to play better away from home, as well as this article on Olivier Occean who just can't stop scoring.

At, Rudi Schuller has this preview up, and the exact same article makes it to as well.

I'll finish off the bloggy side of things with my own preview, and here's a brief preview from Dave to set up the game thread.

On to the mainstream media, and like I said there's not much out there, at, Nigel Reed has this article about a rare Canadian hat trick, apparently this is the first time since 1996 that Canada have won 3 straight WCQ games.  It also details just how and why these games are important, despite the low quality opposition.

The Score does at least acknowledge the game this time, with a bit of a round up of the media coverage in the footy blog.

The Star, globe and post have nothing worth linking, but the Sun has this preview piece from Kurtis Larson, bemoaning the lack of quality opposition for Canada so far.

Given that they're showing the game, it's curious that Sportsnet currently has nothing up about the game, but surprisingly enough TSN comes to the rescue of the major sports networks with this article about Simeon Jackson from Luke Wileman.

That's it so far from what I can find.  Feel free to add anything you come across in the comments section.