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Canada v Puerto Rico. Post game links. No Soup for you!

Well that was depressing wasn't it?  Some positive momentum, a respectable crowd comes out to taste the soup and then THAT's what we get?  Sigh.

Thankfully Dave wrote about it so I don't have to.  Anyway, what's the web got to say about it all?  I'll start with something all non masochists will want to just ignore, here's the highlights.

Red Nation Online has interviews with Josh Simpson and Olivier Occean among Steve Bottjer's report.  

Canadian Soccer News has this eloquent match summary from Squizz, as well as Rudi Schuller explaining how it could eventually be a positive thing.

Roar of the Faithful suggests what Canada could and should have done differently. doesn't blame anyone who might have fallen asleep watching that.

Benjamin Massey at Eighty Six forever gets all angry and ranty about it, with not a positive word to say about anyone.

The Yorkies have their usual south stand report up, and they've got a lot of deja vu from the uninspiring performance.

The Score goes all out for this one, Kristian Jack with a detailed analysis of what went wrong for Canada, James Sharman interviewing Stephen Hart, and James and KJ recap the game.

The Star says mission impossible would be a better banner than Mission 2014, here's the Sun's report, the National Post surprisingly has it's own report up, and as usual I'll go to sportsnet for the Canadian Press article that a lot of places.