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Game thread. FC Dallas v Toronto FC

FC Dallas v Toronto FC
8pm E.D.T, Pizza Hut Park
Gol TV, (Stream at, you do have to register, but it's free)

So here it is, the Biggest Game Thread Of The Year!  Except due to time limitations, it will only be big in importance, not size. 

I previously went over why, though it may end up being a huge game in the overall history of TFC, if you look at this season strictly in isolation, it won't make that much of a difference.  Overall it's been a bit disappointing, but you can't deny there's been huge improvements in the second half, and just making it to the final week of the season with something still to play for is a 'lowered expectations' success in itself,  after all we could have been like Vancouver with nothing to play for for the last 3 1/2 months.  What tonight's game could give us is a big fucking cherry on top.  Cherries are nice.  I want the cherry.

Anyway, there's a multitude of preview pieces available if you head on over to the main page, and why not head over to Big D Soccer for the Dallas perspective.

I'm going out to watch the game among other supporters, but will have starting lineups and such like here as well as half time and post game chat, and if Dave's computer is up and running again, he can take you through the rest.

Come on You Reds!