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Toronto FC 3:0 FC Dallas. The Short Review

Duncan should be along sometime later with a full review of the game but I wanted to make sure that everyone knows that TFC just claimed the most famous, and impressive victory in the history of the club.  The win came thanks to a great effort from everyone on the pitch but the man of the match was hands down Joao Plata who was involved in setting up Danny Koevermans for the first goal and then netted a brace of his own as he cashed in with two good finishes on the counter attack. 

For Toronto the win is so huge because they showed up in such an important game an will now be playing in the quarter-finals of the CONCACAF champions league.  That means that their season will kick off next year with two massive games in march so there will be no excuse for not coming out of the gate ready.  The way that Toronto has played in recent games since the roster makeover really came to the boiling point tonight as they put together the kind of performance that you would expect from a top side.  They won all of the 50/50 balls in the midfield and then were lethal on the counter attack.  Along with that they basically marked one of MLS' best players out of the game as Brek Shea ran himself ragged but failed to really do much before being taken off.

The win may be in part due to Dallas not showing up in front of their embarrassingly small crowd and the fact that their focus may well have been on the MLS but after a game like this it would be unfair to take anything away from Toronto FC.  The fact that at many points in the game you could hear more noise coming from TFC fans than you could from Dallas fans only helps to illustrate the impact that a passionate home crowd could have.  I doubt that Dallas would have come out that flat and done so poorly if Pizza Hut Park had been packed.  I am not going to make excuses for Dallas though because Toronto FC were just the better team for the whole game.  They made it clear that they wanted to win this game and they did just that, surprising even the most optimistic supporters.

So I hope to see you all in March when we have our next biggest game ever.  This time it will be beyond debate!