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Game Thread. Toronto FC v New England Revolution

Toronto FC v New England Revolution
Bmo Field 12:30 PM E.D.T

It's a celebration bitches! After the build up, the nerves, intensity, importance and surprising denouement of the Dallas game, we all get to relax, salute the players and enjoy one last game, with nothing on the line.

Seriously, in the grand scheme of things this is a pointless game for TFC who can't go up or down the table no matter the result, though it could be fun to throw the game to give the Revs a chance of knocking Vancouver into last place.

With the pressure off, and playing against a poor team, I'm hoping to see the 4-3-3 back, and some entertaining football. I'm usually all about pragmatism, about winning over entertainment, but today, I want excitement, goals and sexy football. They've convinced me they can be competent, now convince me you can be fun to watch as well.

All that might actually happen as season ticket renewal time is coming to an end, so they'll want to keep the momentum from Tuesday going and show the undecided fence sitters a good time.

So I think we'll see some goals in this one, and given how if the team isn't really focussing on defense, it can fall apart pretty quickly back there, it'll probably be at both ends of the pitch. I'll predict 3-2 Toronto, followed by a 'victory' lap, with probably a bit more love than they deserve over the season as a whole, but why not, I'm still feeling all warm and fuzzy from Tuesday's game, hopefully everyone else is as well. Celebrate good times, come on!

You can get Dave's full preview here, check out the New England version of things over at The Bent Musket, and here's me and Steve Stoehr from the aformentioned Bent Musket answering some of each other's questions. Also, why not help us rank everyone who played for TFC this year, for the upcoming
TFC Top 40 Countdown.

I'll be at the game, but Keaton will be pressboxing it up today, so will be here to keep you on top of the action. Join us.

Come on you Reds!