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St Lucia v Canada. Game day links.

It's a Canada game day again, what better way to kick off a long weekend?  Here's all the links, articles, interviews and topless Julian de Guzman videos you'll need to get you in the mood.

I'll start with this youtube video from Canadasoccertv, who are well worth subscribing to as there's a lot more of these there, which has player interviews (including the aformentioned De Guzman soft porn for all you ladies out there) as well as Stephen Hart.

As usual, Red Nation Online is all over this, starting with their usual countdown to the game, as well as video interviews with Stephen Hart and a lot of the players, and Stephen Hart confirming that three points is really all that matters tonight.

Over at, Steven Sandor has concerns about the state of the pitch, while over at Sportsnet, as well as a few articles from Gerry Dobson, the Canadian press article focuses on the fact that the pitch doesn't have goalposts yet.

Support local football has a preview of the game and updates on the broadcast situation.  At, they have an article on Ashtone Morgan's reaction to his call up, and a Stephen Hart interview based preview of the game.

You've obviously already devoured every word of these articles multiple times I'm sure, but here's Waking the Red's game preview, as well as analysis of Canada's short term defensive problems and long term Centre Forward issues.

That's about it really, the Star is continuing it's usual 'if the game's not taking place in Toronto we're going to ignore it' policy, and hopefully there's something still to come as they're usually better than this, but for now at least the Sun and the Score are joining them in that, after all Wayne Rooney's dad did something!  That's far more important.