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Canada 7 St Lucia 0. Post game links.

7-0! Bloody hell. Here's all the interviews, articles and links to relive the glory. First up, interviews with Stephen Hart, Simeon Jackson, Iain Hume and Dwayne de Rosario, from CanadaSoccerTV on youtube.

Red Nation Online has a report from intrepid colour commentator Gavin Day on Canada silencing their critics, and noting the good defensive play of David Edgar and Adam Straith.  They also have the unedited versions of the interviews seen above, as well as their usual XI out of 10 player ratings.

At Canadian Soccer News meanwhile, they're suggesting to not read too much into it, and that Saturday's USA Honduras game is the one to really pay attention to.  They also have post game analysis in the latest It's Called Football podcast.

Sportsnet has video of Jackson's three goals, as well as a report that includes the description of the following scene, which sounds magnificently shambolic.

The game started without the usual playing of the national anthems.  After a bit of confusion, the players shook hands before moving into their starting positions. Once there, the Canadian anthem started to play but an organizer motioned for it to be stopped.

If you want highlights of the other goals, Support local football has them for you here.  The standard Canadian press article, I'll link to that in the Star, as they actually went to the trouble of printing it in the real version as well as a good story from Daniel Girard about Ashtone Morgan that doesn't seem to be available online.

The Sun actually went to the trouble of writing it's own report, Canada continues run of perfection. has a game recap up as well, while the ubiquitous Gavin Day has another report, over at, and that's about it for now, I'll finish off with my own report.  A record breakingly good night for Canada.