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See Thee Rise

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Ever since coming aboard as Canada's kit manufacturer, Umbro has been an enthusiastic partner and promoter of Canada games.  It's obviously not for entirely selfless reasons, but combined with a wider variety of more available merchandise, it's a very welcome change from what used to happen.  Here's the latest video from their 'See Thee Rise' campaign.

Hopefully you've already bought tickets and are going to the game, if not, watch the above video, then reflect on the fact that they just won 7-0, and really what more reasons do you need, tickets are very much still available, do it, you know it makes sense.

App the CSA!  App the CSA! App the CSAAAAAA!

While I'm in 'shilling for the man' mode, the CSA has now got an app (for iphones only currently but hopefully on other platforms soon) for all your national team needs.  Combining team news (Men Women, Junior team) with their flickr account and all the videos on their youtube channel, it's actually quite good and given that it's free, it's well worth downloading.