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Toronto FC 2011 Top 40 Countdown. Number 39 - Kyle Davies.

Hey, a photo of Kyle Davies playing for TFC exists, I'm surprised.  Stare at it long enough, and doesn't his head look wierdly displaced?
Hey, a photo of Kyle Davies playing for TFC exists, I'm surprised. Stare at it long enough, and doesn't his head look wierdly displaced?

Moving on with our top 40 countdown of all Toronto FC's 2011 players, coming all the way from L.A, and the last player to become eligible, at number 39, give it up for Kyle Davies!

Average Rank: 37.727
Highest Rank: 35
Lowest Rank: 40

Dave: 40. He was acquired in a trade for Robinson and actually played less minutes than he did. Davies made one second half appearance for the Reds late in the season but it is hard to judge him on that sampling. On paper he seemed to be a decent player but he was so far from match fit when he arrived in Toronto that he never really got the chance to show what he can do. If he is not around next year I for one will be curious what might have been, but only for like a minute.

Duncan: 38. Kyle Davies, Kyle Davies.  What to say about Kyle Davies? (that's 10 words already, nice!).  He arrived in a trade for Dasan Robinson, after playing 0 games for L.A, after previously being waived by FC Dallas after 14 games in two years.  A star for the U.S underage teams, he'd earlier been released without playing a game by both Southampton and Real Salt Lake, so his one TFC appearance represents a veritable triumph for Kyle. 

That one game was a substitute appearance against Philadelphia, we didn't let in any goals while he was on the pitch so that's good.  In the game thread, I was just excited that his appearance took us to 40 for the season (though in a way I'm disappointed to not be able to include the squirrel from the SKC game, which was my back up plan for this series) and as mentioned in the game report  'He did not make any real mistakes in his defending which is more than you can say for many of the defenders that have debuted for TFC this season.'

It's all a bit meh really, which seems harsh as we really don't have enough to judge him on, so I'll end on a positive, he has some lush flowing locks, well done on that Kyle, and good luck in the NASL next year.

Keep reading for more heartfelt tributes to Kyle after the jump, the Yorkies and Canadian Texan are particularly touching.

Keaton: 40. Davies looks to be a somewhat promising prospect that TFC picked up for a much older MLS defender in Robinson. I've yet to see Davies play, but my hopes aren't too high. I see Davies as a depth player at most.

Alex: Who?

James: Looked the part despite youth & limited action.

JC-Plante: Was expecting more from him, never made an impact.

The Yorkies: One of the best Kyles we've ever had

Jimmy Stone: May well play a bigger part next season

Canadian Texan: "The guy we traded Robinson for"

Blindfolded Tank Driver: Needs more time with the reserves.

Red Wine Roz: He looked pretty impressed that I knew who he was at the 90th minute party.  That can't be a good sign.

Number 40: Leandre Griffit.
Number 38: Dasan Robinson

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