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Game thread: Canada @ St Kitts & Nevis


St Kitts & Nevis v Canada
Warner Park Stadium, 7pm E.S.T


Here it is, the moment we've all been waiting for.  With simply a tie tonight at the malevolently corrupt sounding Warner Park Stadium (I am a bit disappointed that it's not actually named after Jack Warner, instead it's named after Thomas Warner, who helped establish a British colony there back in the 17th century.  Don't know much about him, but if my basic thoughts on British imperialists are correct, I'm guessing he wasn't all sweetness and light.), Canada can clinch qualification for the next round of World Cup qualifying, and turn Tuesday's home game into a 90 minute victory lap.  If they don't get the tie, then given how they haven't really performed all that well at home, then Canadian bums might have to get unnecessarily squeaky.

I don't really think there's anything to worry about, as Canada's away performances have been very good so far, getting a textbook away win against a potentially awkward Puerto Rico team, and then crushing a poor St Lucia team.  Given St Kitts (sorry Nevis, for the sake of brevity, you're being dropped from the rest of this) only got a tie from their last match against St Lucia, and also couldn't beat Puerto Rico at home or away, I'd say a tie is the least we can expect.

The main storylines to follow, can Canada come any closer to figuring out who their main man up top is?  Can Dwayne de Rosario get the goals he needs to finally take over from Dale Mitchell as Canada's all time top scorer?  Unlike the game in St Lucia, we'll actually be able to watch this one, as the game will be streamed live by my latest set of benevolent overlords at Sportsnet.  Serious kudos to them for doing it, not sure of the quality we'll get but it'll be better than nothing that's for sure.  Talking of not sure of the quality (with the stream on my laptop, I'll be updating from my iphone) but better than nothing, join me in the comments section from probably about 6:30 onwards to discuss the game.

Here's Keaton's full preview, if you're quick before the game starts, you can get your prediction in for the final round of are you smarter than Dale Mitchell.  Win a Canada scarf signed by Morgan, Dunfield and de Guzman.  Also, anytime over the weekend, you can still win some sweet (not sure exactly what yet, but I'm told it will fall somewhere between pretty damn sweet and totally sweet) Canada related swag by entering this contest here.  

Allez les rouges!