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Toronto FC 2011 Top 40 Countdown: Number 29 - Dicoy Williams

After he turned Zombie, it was only a matter of time before Williams suffered a serious injury.
After he turned Zombie, it was only a matter of time before Williams suffered a serious injury.

The Toronto FC Top 40 countdown continues, and today we discuss one of the more disappointingly unfulfilled seasons, cut down by injury just when it was looking good.  At Number 29, it's Dicoy Williams.  

Average Rank: 25.727
Highest Rank: 11
Lowest Rank: 35

Duncan: 23. Damn international games.  Dicoy Williams should have ended the season much higher than 29, he was playing well for TFC, until he went off to the Gold Cup to play for Jamaica and suffered a season ending injury.  He'd had a good partnership with Adrian Cann, and now both of them were out, all of a sudden Ty Harden and then Andy Iro were the number one Centre Backs.  That went well.

(Billy) D. Williams had tried out for TFC in March, playing in the Carolina challenge cup in Charleston, but didn't immediately sign up for the Reds.  That didn't happen until March 31st, and it wasn't until mid April that he made his first start in the home draw against Columbus, replacing Ty Harden who was suspended after getting sent off in that 3-0 defeat against D.C.

He and Cann played well together, and Williams kept his place in the team over the next few weeks, as the defence looked increasingly solid.  It was by no means perfect by any means, after all he was on the pitch for the 3-0 defeat in Seattle, and his last game before heading off to the Gold Cup was the 6-2 shitshow against Philadelphia, but things were definitely better.  That philadelphia game showed that Adrian Cann was maybe the key man in the partnership, but Williams' contribution shouldn't be underestimated.  

It was a big disappointment to learn of his injury, especially as it came so soon after Adrian Cann was ruled out for the season.  I'd be happy to see Williams back next year, ideally as a depth player rather than a regular starter, but I think if he can come back fully healed from his knee injury, he deserves a second season.

Dave: 23 Did his knee in at the Gold Cup and really did not have time to make much of an impression. Seemed to be a capable defender when playing alongside Adrian Cann but with him missing so much time and not every featuring with the remade roster it is hard to know where he will stand going forward. His knee surgery may yet have long term effects on him even if he expects to be fit in time for preseason

Keaton: 21. I didn't see enough of Dicoy to have a really strong opinion. But I believe if he gets situated with Cann that they could be a pretty good pairing next season. I think he's in the team's plans moving forward.

Peter Meraw: Solid early could be useful next season if he's still here

Kristin: Will be top 15 next year.

James: Injured, therefore barely played. Lack of pace is a concern, but looked solid at the Gold Cup prior to injury. Happy to have him back.

JC_Plante: An injury robbed us of a full evaluation, I believe he and Cann can be a CB pairing that can be effective

The Yorkies: Just hitting stride when bad fortune hit

Canadian Texan: Injuries suck

Number 30: Nana Attakora
Number 28: Danleigh Borman

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