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Canada vs St Kitts & Nevis. Game day links.

Here it is, your tasty morning soup.  This is what the interwebs are saying over the last couple of days before Canada's game in St Kitts this evening.  I'll start off with a video from the Canadasoccertv youtube channel, with Stephen Hart, Ante Jazic, and Dwayne De Rosario looking ahead to the game, and expecting a tough defensive effort from the St Kitts & Nevis team.

Red Nation Online is always the obvious place to start, and once again they have plenty of stuff up. They have video interviews galore, as well as a podcast with man on the scene Gavin Day, Steve Bottjer has the details of how Stephen Hart is happy to have Patrice Bernier back, and Gavin also has this bit of local flavour, looking at the stadium, and the hype around town for the game.

Seeing as how they're streaming the game, and seem to be freshly focused on soccer, I'll go to Sportsnet next, where Gerry Dobson has a weather report, and John Molinaro chips in with features on David Edgar and Nana Attakora reports on a potential defensive shift for Canada.

At the Score, James Sharman entertainingly gets himself all worked up about the need for Candian fans to start getting feisty and chippy.

I'll link to the Canadian Press story here at the CBC as they have a picture of what may be the worst jersey in the world.  I really hope that''s the St Kitts Kit and not a picture of Keith Gumbs playing for his club.

Most of the newspapers seem to be ignoring this game, not the Sun though, they do have a preview up by Kurtis Larson. 

Meanwhile over at canadian soccer news, they've become bored of this whole round.

That's all I've got so far, I'll try and update this as the day goes on, feel free to add anything I've missed in the comments section.