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Toronto FC 2011 Top 40 Countdown: Number 28 - Danleigh Borman

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I'd forgotten all about when he slipped on the confetti.
I'd forgotten all about when he slipped on the confetti.

Welcome back to the Toronto FC top 40 countdown, today we go with one of TFC's most erratic players.  A man whose taste in music and TV is as odd as his defending was bad, at number 28, it's Danleigh Borman.  

Average Ranking: 25.136
Highest Ranking: 13
Lowest Ranking: 35

Duncan: 27.  Anyone coming over in the De Ro trade was always going to be very closely watched and have his relative value endlessly appraised, and that's really not a good thing for Borman.  At first glance he looked like he could be a useful and quite exciting addition to the team.  He looked good going forward and really helped his left winger out, he and Alen Stevanovic looked very dangerous at San Jose in one of their first games as a partnership on the left side.  

His defensive shortcomings quickly became apparent though, and given the rest of the defence wasn't exactly a rock solid wall that could cover for one haphazard member, that soon proved to be a problem.  He was replaced for a while at Left back by the more reliable Dan Gargan, which tells you all you need to know really.  He did win his place back for a while before Ashtone Morgan started to make more and more frequent appearances.  Later in the season, there was just a couple of appearances as a Left Wing Back when TFC were experimenting with Frings as a sweeper, and he linked quite well with Joao Plata in that role.  Eventually though Morgan took over that role as well, and Borman was relegated to the bench, a depth player, which is probably more or less where he should be in MLS.

Of all the 'off the pitch' interview clips that got endlessly repeated during gol tv game broadcasts, Borman's was probably my favourite, if only for the what the fuck factor he brought to the favourite tv show and favourite music questions.  Fresh Prince of Bel Air?  the Cosby Show?  Boyz II Men?  Really Danleigh? Really?

If I had to guess if he'd be back next season, or if this was the 'end of the road' for his TFC career, I'd guess he'll be gone, but it's difficult to say.  He definitely won't be the first choice, but his attacking ability might make it worth it to keep him around.

Keaton: 25. Borman saw lots of playing time right after he was traded to TFC, but the left back's time slowly declined as the MLS season tugged along. It's not that he's horrible, but Borman is a 2nd string left back in MLS. I'd love to see TFC sign a legit left back in the offseason.

Dave: 23. He is kind of funny looking and kind of useless in my eyes. His is a midfielder by trade but most of his involvement for TFC saw him playing in a more defensive role. I guess he was not the worst defender that the club had this year but that is about all the compliment that I can muster for him. He was certainly not the real value piece in the trade that sent DeRo to NYRB.

Peter Meraw: Got more minutes than he deserved, every time I saw him play he gave the ball to the opposition regularly and wasted scoring opportunities with terrible decision making and inaccurate shooting

Kristin: Bah. That is all.

The Yorkies: An adventure in defending

Canadian Texan: Not a terrible LWB...but not great either

Blindfolded Tank Driver: Some good, but not enough. Playing good defense is frightening to him.

Once again I'll finish with some relative positivity from James:  Defensively a liability, but promising on the attack if he could stabilize his deliveries. Prefer as a midfielder, though could do well as a wingback with Frings in sweeper mode.

Number 29: Dicoy Williams
Number 27: Jacob Peterson

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