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Canada vs St Kitts & Nevis. Post game links.

Well that wasn't great was it?  Who wants to read a whole lot more about that game?  Sure you do.  I'll start with these interviews of Adam Straith, Stephen Hart and Jonathan Beaulieu-Bourgault telling it like it is.  Well JBB's talking in French, so maybe he's saying how fantastic we were, who knows.  Canadasoccertv on youtube also has highlights of the game here.

Red nation Online has Gavin Day reporting on Canada doing 'the bare minimum', as well as an XI out of 10 player ratings post.

At Canadian Soccer News, Duane Rollins tells us all to relax and not read too much into this game, or really this whole round of qualifying.

Ben Massey at 86 Forever does not agree with that philosophy, and draws all sorts of gloomy yet valid conclusions about Canada's prospects in the next round.

Sportsnet has a Canadian Press report up, and Here's John Molinaro's blog, he's not impressed.

The star and the globe both have the previously linked CP article form the ubiquitous Gavin Day, but The Toronto Sun and  Kurtis Larson once again lead the way among the papers by actually writing their own report. 

That's about it for now, but it's early, hopefully I'll have to update this later