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Toronto FC 2011 Top 40 Countdown: Number 27 - Jacob Peterson

Our 23's better than your 23.  In that particular game, he was.
Our 23's better than your 23. In that particular game, he was.

The Toronto FC Top 40 countdown keeps going, today we have someone who should probably be ranked a bit higher than he actually is.  Number 27 is Captain America, Jacob Peterson.

Average Ranking: 25.045
Highest Ranking: 14
Lowest ranking: 34

Duncan: 14. It was a strange season for Jacob Peterson, full of unexpected changes, Winger became Defensive Midfielder, and even Right back, and quiet and inoffensive became bitter tweeter.  

2010 had been a tough season for him, Preki's defence focused system requires good attacking players who can create things on their own, outside of a supportive formation.  Peterson was never quite good enough to be able to do that, and was thus labelled as one of Preki's 'plumbers', but when Nick Dasovic took over and he got a bit more support from his teammates, he all of a sudden looked useful.  He still wasn't a spectacular winger by any means, but was able to sometimes beat his man and get some crosses in, kind of like the 2010 version of Nick Soolsma, and he scored a fabulous goal against Real Salt lake in the CCL, so going into 2011 with a new attacking style promised by Aron Winter, I was confident he'd have a good year.

In a way, he did, but it was only after surprisingly being switched into a Defensive Midfield spot, playing a lot of the first half of the season alongside Julian de Guzman or Tony Tchani.  He generally did a good job, in a very unspectacular 'plumber' kind of way, though the Right Back experiment didn't work as well, a 0-3 defeat to DC meant that was just a one game thing.  It wasn't really a noticeable season from him, but he was one of the better players in the first half of the season, and was also probably our best set piece taker of the season, so I'm comfortable with ranking him as high as 14.  

He was traded to San Jose as part of the deal that brought Ryan Johnson in, and that's when he all of a sudden made himself noticeable, and in a reverse Demitrius Omphroy effect, knocked himself further down the rankings than he really deserves.  He first drew interest with his tweet shortly after being traded about how it's 'nice to be treated like an adult again.  Almost forgot what that felt like' but it was a month or so after that he caused a minor shitstorm with this tweet 

Officially moved out of Toronto.5 hr flight back west now.cya made my affinity for America even stronger

Criticise the team and management, well that's fair enough I guess, and there's a good chance he's got a point, but bashing Canada?  That wasn't cool with a lot of people.  Looking through his tweets and he's obviously fond of a few people on the team, and seemed genuinely happy that TFC qualified from their CCL group, but that one tweet will override everything and guarantee him a grumpy reception the next time he come to Bmo.  That will probably be with San Jose next year (depending on exactly how this unbalanced schedule works I guess), but wouldn't it be fun if he got picked up by Montreal in the expansion draft?

Dave: 20. He hates Toronto and Canada! I swear it is true because it said so on his twitter. He did have some talent on the field, was a decent winger, could cross the ball dangerously, and even managed to chip in with the odd goal. It seemed that he was never quite happy in Toronto and was eventually sent back to his beloved America when he was sent to San Jose in the trade that saw TFC land Ryan Johnson. My general feelings about him are good riddance, thanks for nothing.

Keaton: 34. Get off twitter before you say something that gets you killed. Seriously. Someone might want to tell Peterson that there's another number 23 in California, and he's the lesser of the two. Because ever since he left Toronto, Peterson has been more saucy than my Jack Astor's spicy dipped chicken strips.

Blindfolded Tank Driver: So bitter at Winter. So poor in his performance for TFC.

Ignirtoq: We at absolutely HATED this guy to the point that we questioned how he was a professional at all. However at the end of his tenure in Toronto, he showed signs of being a very good footballer and I was a little disappointed that he left.

Devon Taylor: Seemed lazy on the field and unhappy with his team. Good riddance.

Canadian Texan: One of the few bright spots in the early season

JC_Plante. With Tchani, and Gordon, the only players actually missed

Red Wine Roz: Met him a few times, seemed like a nice guy, but ruined it all with his departing tweet.  I do miss his unique running style though (remember Phoebe in that Friends episode?).

James: Looked his best for TFC this season, didn't like the way he reacted to leaving. Way too big of a salary.

Kristin: Meh. Puppy-like exuberence did not mitigate the many errors. Besides, he hates Canada.

Peter Meraw: Played well early, was one of the better players early on until the trade

Number 28: Danleigh Borman
Number 26: Dan Gargan

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