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"Time to Move On"- CMNT's Head Coach and players say

The Men's National Team resumed training at BMO Field on Sunday afternoon, after a very disappointing nil-nil draw with St. Kitt's.

The mood of both players and coaches on Sunday seemed to be quite relaxed, despite the draw in St.Kitt's. Stephen Hart said it's important that Canada gives the BMO faithful a good show on Nov.15, because "the fans deserve it". 

There wasn't much of a media presence at Sunday's practice. To be honest, it was just Red Nation Online's Steve Bottjer and yours truly there to bug the players. None of the staff or players wanted to talk too much about Friday's game, but we managed to get it out of them anyways. 

"We're not happy. To be honest, the fans and everybody that supports us has a right to be angry," Hart said. "Even though we did qualify, we had a look at the tapes this morning, and we just weren't finishing our chances."

Simeon Jackson also agrees with Hart when it comes to forgetting the game in Basseterre. Although Canada has looked out of sorts in their two nil-nil draws this round, Jackson believes that Canada will rise to the challenge once they start playing Honduras and Panama. 

"It's going to be a totally different round, but we're really looking forward to it," Jackson said.

Julian de Guzman said Canada will have to really step up their game if they expect to advance into the final round of World Cup Qualifying.

"It's going to be a much higher level, it's going to be a lot more intense,"  de Guzman said. "The games against Cuba and Panama at home will be the most crucial games in that group."

de Guzman said the game on Tuesday against St.Kitt's will be very important to help the players bounce back and bring their spirits up. 

"I think the game on Tuesday is more about the fans because they've been very supportive throughout this whole campaign," de Guzman said. "A lot of the pressure we feel from the supporters is needed, we just need to get the ball rolling again."

Hart said fans should expect a much different game on Tuesday night, and he also hinted at a couple roster tweaks.

As stated before the positive is that Canada has now qualified into the third round of World Cup qualifying, putting it in a group with Honduras, Panama and Cuba. Hart said a lot players still have a lot to prove going into the next round of qualifying.

"The competition to get into this squad will once again become intense," Hart said. "But the way we're going about this is on Tuesday night, we'll come out and consider it the first game in preparation for the next round."

The CMNT will practice tomorrow at 11 a.m. at BMO Field, in preparation for the final game of round 2. Waking the Red will be there all day, so expect some coach and player interviews, along with reports on what happened that day.